Update: Assassin's Creed A.I. on the PS3 and Xbox360 exact same

"While the PlayStation 3 and 360 versions of Assassin's Creed are virtually identical, Raymond did say that on the 360 the team is putting a special emphasis on Achievements. And while the 360 hardware enables Ubisoft's team to use multiple threads to enhance the crowd's AI, the end result for the game on both systems will be the same. "While the method for distributing AI load is different on each platform, the AI code itself is the same. Players will experience the exact same crowd results on PS3 and Xbox360," Ubisoft explained."

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JIN KAZAMA5897d ago

is just a producer, she has no knowledge of the development aspect of it, i think she is annoying as hell, with her cheesy smile and know it all attitude. She acts like she is the main dev for that game, she couldnt even write a simple for loop.

Deceased5897d ago

but she can lick my for and while loop.

zypher5897d ago

this is probably how the statement originally went. just worded it wrong. glad that that matter can be cleared up. this story NEEDS to be approved, so that gamers can realize the truth and all the rumors can be laid to rest.

Scythesean5897d ago

I knew this was all BS just to start stuff, there isn't anything the 360 can do that the PS3 won't be able to do. Sure as of right now there isn't a rumble in the controller but it could have it.

zypher5897d ago

well, Ubisoft could utilize PS3 controller's motion-sensing capabilities to compensate for the lack of rumble. or, it could use the disc capacity of Blu-Ray to add bonus features. who knows? i'm just glad that one of the many anti-PS3 rumors can now be squashed.

original seed5897d ago

i hope the AI is good and not helled back because of a certain system.

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The story is too old to be commented.