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PSU Collegio writes:

“All-Stars” is a good game, but it’s not great. There are more frustrating features present in the gameplay and the lack of presentation quality in the single-player modes is a big miss. The game would be worth it for people who own a Vita and a PS3, but this is not a game that makes me eager to stick around. My greatest hope is that the second installment will be of better quality.

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kratoz12092829d ago

Lame Review, This game is a solid 5

pr0t0typeknuckles2829d ago

since when is a 3.5 bad, you act like the guy gave it a 1, besides the game is in no way a solid 5/5

EddieNX 2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Nah , it's a 7/10 clone

Hopefully playstation all stars Brawl will be better...

Hicken2829d ago

And you're a 5/10 troll, so...

Killzoner992829d ago

More like a 0/10 troll. This guy has been trolling this site for awhile now. Kingofwiiu? Gee I wonder what kind of fanboy this guy is? Listen TROLL , this is the grown up section of N4G where us Adult Playstation fans like to have MATURE conversations about our BIG BOY games. Go back to the kids table and talk Pokemon with the other children. Maybe someday you will be mature enough to participate . We'll let you know.

Phil322829d ago

I see why you guys with only one bubble have only one bubble.

pr0t0typeknuckles2829d ago

right, but you gotta admit reading that comment was actually funny, XD

Drainage2829d ago

because people are fanboys and dislike any opinion they disagree with

Phil322829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

This was a really fun game. I know it is because my PS3 died before I could transfer the save data, and I have no problem doing everything all over again when I get a new PS3(leveling characters up, that is).

ayabrea932829d ago

I think I agree with a lot of this review. it's such a fun game but a sequel could be something amazing with some more work put into it.

TheRealHeisenberg2829d ago

I passed on this game. Maybe I'll pick it up if I can catch for $15 or less on PS+.

Kiddcarter2829d ago

game is good and was ton of fun at first, but its becoming worse and worse by the day due to spammers

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