I'm Worried For Microsoft's Next Console

Nathan Manning, Editor for AnalogAddictio, expresses his concerns for the Microsoft's next console.

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StrongMan2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You should worry. I have decided not to buy the next Xbox. It's clear to me that MS don't care about the hardcore gamers like myself. All they want are the casuals now. They won't fool me twice. I'm tired of just Halo and Gears and those kiddy Kinect shovel ware games don't interest me. MS lost the hardcore this gen and that's why they are in last place and I don't see the next Xbox being a hit with the hardcore.


But if I can buy those same "many hardcore and triple-a" multi plat titles on my PS4 then why would I buy an Xbox 720. Like the author and myself said the Xbox needs more hardcore exclusives. Kinect Sesamestreet and Kinect Disneyland don't count.

Walker2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Many hardcore and triple-a titles are on the way for next generation xbox . donot worry:).

2832d ago
talisker2832d ago

I heard the same 3 years ago and the same about hardcore Kinect titles. It turned out to be just a lie from Microsoft. I'm not wasting my money again. They lost all credibility in my eyes.

tehpees32831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

There will be hardcore games I'm sure of that but the question is how much focus Microsoft give there.

Their software output might not effect the majority of Xbox fanboys but it looks bad compared to their competitor's offerings for average gamers.

For every piece of shovelware they put out on Kinect those could be resources used for a long lost sequel. For every contract signed for timed DLC/exclusives that could be money well invested in new IPs. Then you have the heavier focus on making it into an entertainment device rather then a gaming device.

Pachter might agree with it but I don't believe gamers will. Microsoft are actually the ones in danger of making the most mistakes because they have the least experience in launching hardware.

They are an American company in an American mind set and that will bite them in the rear next time. I am sure of that.

pompombrum2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Meh, Microsoft will spend more time this E3 rambling on about it's entertainment features than the great exclusives that will be coming out this year with the console. I hope they prove me wrong but I've lost faith in Microsoft as a company that caters to it's hardcore gaming fanbase.

If they do take this approach, I really hope it bites them in the ass.. they'll probably throw so much money at marketing the console that it would be near impossible for it to fail. Still, can only hope that by not focusing on the ones most likely to be early adopters, will bite them in the ass and force them to appreciate the real gamers a bit more.

DOMination-2831d ago

How many times do I have to post this!

Microsoft have spent the last 18 months buying up first party talent. They own 21 first party studios. That's 9 more than Sony. If you look into those studios, they are all developing games for next gen, many of which are new IP.

That doesn't mean they'll be amazing, it's largely an unknown as all but 6-7 are new studios but for me, it shows MS are trying to fix one of the fair criticisms aimed at them over the last few years.

I think we should wait until e3 to judge where they are heading. You may well be right, but I have a genuine feeling a lot of people around here will be surprised.

Enemy2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

What do people honestly expect out of the next Xbox? I'm legit curious. It's not like Microsoft have acquired any new developers to call their own. They have 343 but you could bet Microsoft will keep them on Halo. It's not like they bought Epic (Epic themselves said the Xbox division can't afford them). It's not like they've been building a strong 1st party lineup.

They could have bought THQ and made Saints Row, Metro, and Darksiders exclusive to Xbox. If they'd done this, I'd easily purchase the next Xbox.

For now, all we have to go by is that they'll be as good as they were this gen. DLC, Kinect, Halo, and Gears (if it doesn't go multiplatform as Epic owns the IP).

It really does seem like they've changed their ways. Their "better with Kinect" commercials should worry all Xbox fanatics.

EVILDEAD3602831d ago

As a gamer that's owned both the original giant and the 360 at both of their launch windows, I actually believe MS is in it's best position to deliver the goods than they ever have been.

MS is in the driver's seat of it's own destiny at this point.

Xbox Live is going to be huge for the early adopters. MS just needs to keep improving it at the same clip that they have this gen.

EVERY system relies on it's go-to franchises when the move onto the next gen. In MS case they had the #1 selling hardcore exclusive franchise this gen among it's big games. In this department, MS has the anchor it needs to improve upon next gen.

As for the system itself, regardless of whether the rumors of specs are true, MS clearly took the next system seriously and it will be more powerful than the 360. How powerful is up in the air.

It's going to be fun to see what comes out of E3, but I like what I'm hearing so far out of that camp.


DigitalRaptor2831d ago

@ Enemy.

At least give credit where it's due. Microsoft have actually strengthened their first party by opening up new studios and partnering with others, which is one of the points which we've been driving for a while. Whether the developers will deliver is another matter entirely.

AsimLeonheart2831d ago

I just remembered an article that published by a reputed business website when the first XBOX launched. I do not remember the website today but the article made a very important prediction which I still remember because it is becoming true. The author said that MS was using XBOX as a trojan horse to take over the living rooms. They will introduce it as a games console, slowly introduce other functionalities, develop it into a fully functional media hub and in the end abandon or put gaming in the background. It sounded so far-fetched at the time but amazingly today it is becoming a reality. IMO the next XBOX is the final stage of the plan MS put into action several years ago.

BrianC62342831d ago

" I do think they may bring some new exclusive IP for the Next gen Xbox. I really want some good new hardcore exclusive games. "

But Microsoft dumped most of their development teams and care more about third party games now. They won't get many exclusives that way.

slimpickens2831d ago

TO be honest nobody knows what to expect from MS! They can either come out hard fighting it's criticisms or keep going the way they are going.
It appears to me as if something happened when the rrod, Peter Moore quitting episode happened.

People can judge MS all they want but I will give them the benefit of the doubt even though I've felt let down for the past few years. They've added new studios and still offer the best console online gaming experience for me. Exclusives like Halo don't matter as long as they keep improving (yes I want more exclusives)the game. Tons of games are under the MS umbrella with more coming. All the hate will be here no matter what by the same people that strictly back there preference. NO matter what MS does they will complain it's not good enough.

At the end of the day I'm just happy to be a gamer. What ever console you like more power to you.

Temporary2831d ago

If they make online play free on the Xbox Next, I'll probably pick it up.

Definitely not falling for the LIVE scam again.

Leviathan2831d ago

@ DOMination: Microsoft has Rare, Lionhead, Turn 10 and 343. Those are the only studios that make non-kinekt AAA disc based games.They can own a thousand studios for all I care. If they only make downloadable mini-games or kinekt games then it's pointless for the hard core gamers. Here's a link for you to check for yourself:

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WiiUsauce2832d ago

woah, a Sony fanboy saying he won't buy anything other than a Sony console. Damn that's the first time I've ever seen this.

iamnsuperman2832d ago

No offence but saying your not going to buy it with a giant PSN plus logo as your avatar speaks volumes. Wait till it is released. I am less inclined, at the moment, to buy it but I am not ruling it out just yet

ElectricKaibutsu2832d ago

I wouldn't rule it out either but I don't like region locked systems and I definitely don't like paying for basic online. They'd have to change those two things and get a bunch of great exclusives. I have nothing against Xbox specifically of course.

MarkusMcNugen2831d ago


Just FYI, there has been no mention that the PS4 will be region free. It may be, it may not.

DOMination-2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Blind ignorance. Im well aware of that article. How do you know they are all kinect or downloadable games? Their projects haven't been revealed. Yes they have two casual studios and no doubt they will continue with the type if games you mention but then so does Sony. There's no evidence to suggest what you're saying.

MS Redmond, MS LA, Press Play, Black Task, MS Victoria, MS Soho, Twisted Pixel, platform Next Studios, Connected Experiences and Lift are all working on new untitled projects. But if you want to keep believing they are all developing kinect shareware then you do that and we will see at e3.

dedicatedtogamers2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

A lot of people - even people like you who SWEAR they won't touch the Nextbox - will buy it anyway.

That's because Microsoft always does an excellent job marketing their new products. NextBox will launch. The journalists will shout about how it is revolutionary, how it is the best console ever. You'll see endless articles titled "10 Reasons the NextBox is better than the PS4/WiiU". You'll see familiar franchises like Halo, Gears, Forza, and...oh? What's this? Some brand-new IP exclusive shooter? Or RPG? Or open-world game? Maybe a new Killer Instinct finally? Maybe another Banjo game? What?!? "Oh man, you HAVE to try this out" says the internet. You will get excited. You will doubt your apprehension.

And then Microsoft will come out with some sort of deal, like "Sign up for 2 years of LIVE and get $100 off the NextBox". And you'll buy it.

For the first two or three years, you'll be very happy. You'll write a blog post about how "I'm glad I was wrong about the NextBox." You'll gush about all the games you're enjoying. And this will last for the first two or three years.

Then, the exclusives will die down. No, not immediately. It will slowly trickle down. But you'll tell yourself "It's okay" because Microsoft will update the NextBox dashboard for free, or they'll announce some exclusive DLC for GTA6 or Fallout 4. You'll start to doubt again, but you won't get rid of your NextBox. No, you already have too much invested.

Then, the hardcore support will REALLY drop off, and you'll be saying what you're saying now: "Man, I will never buy another Xbox again. Microsoft has tricked me for the last time".

stage882831d ago

Well said. It will be exactly the same with history repeating itself. People need to open their eyes and see through the marketing schemes. USA I'm looking at you.

pompombrum2831d ago

Sounds like my feelings throughout xbox 360s history, started off great, started going sour and now it's just pathetic. Only 360 only game I bought last year was Halo 4 and even that turned out to be a disappointment in the end and the developers taking over four months to release a balancing patch.

Oh_Yeah2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Not happening man, I'll wait 2+ years before I buy the nextbox what they did this gen was inexcusable. I'll only get it if live is free and they have atleast 10 exclusives I like.

Monkeycan82831d ago

Yes "exclusive" DLC for GTA 6 and Fallout 4 just like the "exclusive" DLC for GTA 4 and Fallout 3..

Pillsbury12831d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. M$ is king of marketing, look at how they shoved there way into consoles with the original Xbox.

Gazondaily2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

This is the excuse Sony fanboys are going to be prepping up if the 720 or nextbox or whatever is called, launches with a killer line-up.

In reality, what has happened this generation is that the 360 has had an abundance of games and fanboys on here are quick to downplay the quality of the killer apps the 360 has whilst ignoring the sheer quality and strength of the multiplats on offer.

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IAMERROR2832d ago

lol Strongman, you've never had an Xbox let's not lie. you're the one that going to be missing out on all the great new games on the 720. But hey you'll still find a way to spin shit into a negative way because that's what happens when you're loyal to a piece of plastic. lolol

HarryMasonHerpderp2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I think it's just a case of wait and see what they do before buying. I will no doubt buy a PS4 because they have supported the hardcore gamer every step of the way on every Sony console so that's a no brainer.
But I'm on the fence with the WiiU and the next Xbox because they seemed to forget about the gamers and put all of their resources into the casual market.
If they support the hardcore gamer as well as the casuals then I'll no doubt purchase them both.
It's all about the games and I want Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to deliver.

Rebo002831d ago

Unless they're all developing next gen Kinect games...

Jek_Porkins2831d ago

You don't even have an Xbox 360, you have stalked a lot of my posts and even sent me messages hating on everything Microsoft and Nintendo. We get it, you love Sony. You even gave me some bogus Xbox Live Gamertag that you probably didn't expect me to check.

That being said, the next Xbox is exciting for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that Microsoft knows how to kick off a console generation. Looking back at the original Xbox and the Xbox 360's launch, they both had AMAZING lineups. Judging by the fact that most of Microsoft 20 odd first party studios haven't been doing anything with the 360 in over 3 years, it's a safe bet that they've been working on the next Xbox. Including Black Tusk's new core title, and we know Rare is working on at least 2 new games, one of which is supposed to be a first person shooter.

Of course it'll launch with Kinect 2.0, but as an option it shouldn't worry anyone, in 2012 Microsoft had the most core lineup of the big 3.

If you are going with Sony that is fine, but don't sit there and lie like you were ever going to buy an Xbox 360 or try to get people to hate blindly like you do.

Bumpmapping2831d ago

Yea they kick off this generation with great new IPs no doubt but that's where Microsoft failed with the 360.

They changed the dash board stopped supporting new IPs just doing sequels and spinoffs to well established games lot of the 360 fans love...Than comes Kinect shoving it down user base throats and increasing the price of Live.

Casuals first Hardcore second its going to be the same old song and dance next gen with 720 M$ cant cater to both sides.

legendof1172831d ago

@ StrongMan

I don't comment much on these articles, but I am always logged in checking this site out.

Every time I see your name it's on an Xbox article hating.

I don't go on to your beloved Playstation articles hating... now do I?

It's called respect.

AngelicIceDiamond2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@Strong Hmph not to sound like a troll but Sony had a allot of failed Ips this gen.

Other than UE, infamous and LBP and Heavy Rain what other game was super successful on PlayStation? Soccom and MAG failed/shutdown Socom's not even a new Ip it was a highly rated PS2 Ip, Resistance despite having 3 games and the third being the highest rated failed.

Haze failed, MotorStom failed/shutdown Warhawk failed/Studio fell apart/ twisted metal 50 50 but still failed at the end. Agent never was, TLG is not around (until we hear otherwise) countless HD remakes for fillers

Some of those are old Ips but majority are new Ip's NEW IP'S. I don't have hate in my blood nor troll in my blood but this weak kid force my hand.

I don't know why people are worried. only the internet and N4G are worried while the rest of us are ready to see what MS brings to the table. A overhauled Live experienced, great new entertainment features and most and far more importantly NEW IP's. As I said N4G and the internet are worried but the rest of us aren't.

raytraceme2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

You failed to mention huge successes like god of war, metal gear solid 4, MLB the Show, killzone, ratchet and clank (main series), and gran turismo ;)

JoySticksFTW2831d ago

And Demon's Souls was successful as well.

and Warhawk was great

Really what defines failure in your book?

trouble_bubble2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

You clearly haven't done your homework. Like, at all. It's almost scary.

God of War was successful, both part 3 and the HD collection sold millions and have meta averages over 90%.

MAG didn't fail lmao, it was a new IP online only shooter that sold over a million, better than games like Crackdown 2 and Forza Horizons.

Yakuza 3 sold over a million too.

Motorstorm sold millions too, I have no idea where on earth you get your ideas from.

Resistance didn't fail, part one sold over 4 million, they've all passed a million actually and part 3 was NOT the highest rated, part 2 was with an 87% metacritic average. You literally did NO homework, no clue.

Killzone? Never heard of it? Sold a few million, 91% meta avg for KZ2.

Warhawk sold over a million as well, online only.

Twisted Metal, a niche car combat game sold on par with Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings, one of the highest rated console exclusives last year on 360. What's the problem?

Never heard of Demon's Souls either? New IP, won GOTY from Gamespot, sold over a million, spun off to Dark Souls on the 360

MGS4 is over 90% on meta and sold millions, Gran Turismo 5 is at 9 million, Valkyria Chronicles was another new IP that came out of left field nowhere to sell over a million alongside stalwarts like Ratchet and Clank. 4 different genres, all successful.

Journey won a bunch of GOTYs last year including from IGN and Gamespot, NiNoKuni just came out and is the highest rated game of the year so far. So yeah, no. Calling all those 'failed IPs' is disingenuous. Credit where its due.

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UnholyLight2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Kind of stupid at this point to be worried. I have no doubt in my mind that Microsoft will deliver. I will be purchasing both consoles this time around as well.

Can anyone wait to see what will be offered before saying "we're doomed if we buy a Nextbox"

I mean, you don't see me running around sayin Sony is failing because some of their IP's don't interest me. I have faith in both companies that they will bring their game 140% when the new stuff is on it's way. Microsoft has learned a lot of lessons with Kinect and the way they treated gamers. Yes, we stopped having IP's but it is BLATANTLY obvious that there will be many ready to go within the first 2 years of Nextbox's life cycle. MARK MY WORDS, I'm saying it now, the Nextbox is far from something that worries me. I look forward to many happy years with it, alongside what Playstation will offer me this go around. I just don't wanna miss out on the Killzones and stuff like that!!

Jason1432831d ago

Thanks saved me the trouble. I actually left xbox when they integrated the kiddie dashboard and was sad to see the games stopped shortly afterward. Ill stick with pc for now unless I see 5+ games on a next gen that I cant live without.M$ really let us down this gen imo

Tales RPG addict2831d ago

I never once bought into the Kinect bullshit and as ANGRY JOE says it's an inferior piece of Tech that only works when it wants to.

strifeblade2831d ago

last place lol, xbox took the half of the playstation 2 market share. what happemed to 150 million who bought ps2? oh ya they all bought ps3... but wait ps3 only sold 70 million? oh ya thats right the other 70 million bought xbox. what does that mean? xbox took 50% of ps3 market share as well as nintendo dominaTING THE SALES WITH WII. funny how things change? the successor to the best selling console of all time came up with less than half and the successor to xbox managed to triple its sales. MY OH MY HOW THINGS CHANGE- PS2 IS NO LONGER THE BEST SELLING CONSOLE- THE DS SURPASSED IT.

sorry but the sony fanboyism on this site is unreal.

dcbronco2831d ago

Yeah, we know MS doesn't care about the hardcore because when they announced their new console and all of it's games. The games were all for Kinect. What else is going on in the future?

Y_51502831d ago

People can't take you seriously when you have that PS+ symbol as your Profile pic.

N4GDgAPc2831d ago

Well how I picture it the reason why you don't see much exclusives coming out for 360 is that they are moving on already. I bet they have there teams focusing on 720 only. Just like Xbox when 720 comes out there not going to care about 360.

otherZinc2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

This dude is a liar!

I stopped reading when he said he no longer see advertisements for new game...WTF? That's the largest picture on the damn front page.

Also, I turned on my 360 & saw the demo of Metal Gear Rising...ON THE FRONT FRIGGIN PAGE!!!!! Downloaded the demo in 16 minutes and played the demo.

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WiiUsauce2832d ago

worry about yourself. Microsoft has so much money, if they really wanted to, they could release an 8 bit console as their 8th generation machine just to troll the world. I would buy a brand new 8-bit gaming console though... Halo 8-bit would look so cool with some awesome chip tune music to boot :)

iamnsuperman2832d ago

I think if they released a small Halo downloadable 8-bit game I think a lot if people would buy it. It doesn't have to be serious but I wouldn't mind seeing big franchises turned into small 8-bit games for a couple of quid

IAMERROR2831d ago

omggg I want! It would be the best XBLA title!

JoySticksFTW2831d ago

Um, someone so needs to release Xbox 8-bit

Not even kidding. Making it downloadable is a good idea.

ChrisW2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

A decent side-scrolling 8-bit Halo game? Just reskin Contra!!!

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ZoyosJD2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Look up Halo Zero.

Fan made, but great little game. Pretty much exactly what you described.

BanBrother2832d ago

As a multi-console owner, I can honestly say I am disappointed with the 360. I don't mean in that bratty fanboy way either, as the exclusives that the 360 has are very good. It is just that there is a lack of variety and not many new IP's in ages.

I know I will be picking up a PS4 before I pick up a '720', that's for sure. Until MS prove to me that they want MY money by adding more new IP's (non-kinect ffs), I'll just wait patiently. I'm only uber excited for Alan wake 2 and Lost Odyssey 2 anyway, and LO2 will probably never happen.

dazzrazz2832d ago

You sound like Sony is pumping exclusive title every month Oh boy ! Some people don't give a shit about couple of branded IP's at all !

As a gamers we should be concerned how much publishers are gonna try to rape us with micro-transactions, dlc and other stupid shit they inventing recently

BanBrother2831d ago


Remember, you don't owe MS anything. We as consumers have the right to ask for more. You can't deny that you would prefer more exclusives. I know some people are saying they don't 'need' any, in defence to what some fanboys say to them, but the truth is exclusives do matter, and they are mostly always excellent.

I used to think "blah blah, who cares", but the truth is I am disappointed. Next-gen there is no excuse. Both PS4 and Xbox will have the same multi-plats, but the PS4 will again, most likely have much more variety in their exclusives.

Don't get me wrong, I am one of the biggest Halo fans there is, but sometimes it isn't enough. Especially with new consoles costing a fortune (at least where I live), I will have to 'buy smart'.

I show no loyalty to a company who shows me none. I'm not saying I am in love with Sony, but damn, they are loyal to their core fans, the ones who have supported them since the 90's.

ZoyosJD2831d ago

You see, the thing is...they practically are.

Jan. - ki no kuni

Feb. - sly cooper

Mar. - GOW: A

Apr. - ???

May. - TLOU

Jun. - ???...also E3 reveals

possible games for ??? months: FF14, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xilia, Dust 514.

Unless your just being a fanboy, something on that list should interest you.

If DLC, micro-transactions, etc. aren't worth my money, I don't buy. Simple as that.

zerocrossing2832d ago

Man we need a LO2, first one was bloody awesome! It's a shame the 360 didn't get more JRPG's but lagging in Japan probably contributed to that. :/

nukeitall2831d ago

The problem you see is that consumers don't want exclusives. How many new exclusive sell compared to existing ips?

As consumers we voted with our money, and I am no exception. I have been eyeing a couple of new ips, but I bought ME3, Black Ops2, Halo 4 and been hesitantly considering XCOM and Dishonored. However, I decided to wait until it drops in price before I take a risk.

The people that scream new ips are in a minority, and developers will treat it as such.

Ezz20132831d ago

no that's far from the truth and just an excuse why MS don't offer exclusives any more


jetlian2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

both those games wont come close to the games he mentioned and we dont know how many of those LEs they made.

What was the best selling ps3 exclusive last year? None were worth anything. Not one AAA game from sony last year. Sony has exclusives nobody wants!

Ezz20132831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


last year there was no AAA games outside of journey which was thebest selling psn game of this gen
and the one who won most GOTY awards last year too

and in 2011 uncharted 3,kz3,LBP2,infamous 2 etc
all of them sold from 2 to 6 million

ps3 exclusives all of them sell from 2 million to 9 million

i thought we over this "ps3 exclusives don't sell" BS

jetlian2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

journey as in the psn game?! yea thought so. last year all l heard was xbla and kinect games dont count lol

Didnt l say last year as in 2012? l think l did! who said they dont sell? And the games you mentioned some barely made 2 million if that.

Nuke was making a point mp games are getting the most attention. infamous 2 did terrible until it ps+ as did kz3. uncharted was bundle for over a year and lbp2 didnt sell as good as 1

Ezz20132831d ago


""journey as in the psn game?! yea thought so. last year all l heard was xbla and kinect games dont count lol""

did you saw me say that ?!
and psn game is ps3 exclusive right ?!
so my point still stands

"Didnt l say last year as in 2012? l think l did! who said they dont sell? And the games you mentioned some barely made 2 million if that.

Nuke was making a point mp games are getting the most attention. infamous 2 did terrible until it ps+ as did kz3. uncharted was bundle for over a year and lbp2 didnt sell as good as 1 "

LBP 2 sold over 3m
Infamous 2 sold over 2m and i'm not talking about the psn sales here
only the retail here so both retail+psn is over 3-4million each

uncharted 3 close to almost 6 million
killzone 3 almost 3 million

and uncharted 3 get bundles the same as all xbox exclusives
who also get i day one like halo4 and gears3 etc

MrBeatdown2831d ago

Maybe if more new IPs were released, we'd see more of them selling.

You pretend people aren't interested in new exclusives, but what new 360 exclusives have there been to be interested in? Just Dance? Kinect [Insert generic title here]?

Seriously, the last new high profile IP out of Microsoft was Alan Wake three years ago. Before that it was Too Human in 2008. What else has there been? Ninja Blade? Kinectimals? Kind of hard to prove that a quality new exclusive doesn't interest gamers when Microsoft hasn't even introduced any significant new IPs in years. You're just treating an assumption as fact.

What's especially ironic is that the 360 took off early on because of Gears, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Mass Effect, and Bioshock. All new IPs. All exclusive, and all stood out, even when competing with stuff like Call of Duty and Halo.

Pretend all you want that new exclusives are something consumers aren't interested in. History has shown otherwise.

EVILDEAD3602831d ago

@ Nukeitall

I disagree in saying that there are people who don't want exclusives. But, definately agree that just because a game is exclusive or it's a new IP that it's somehow more anticipated or received by the gamers simply for that fact.

Ezz is right that there were people that blew off XBLA games every year. But after Walking Dead and Journey those games are finally getting love.

'You pretend people aren't interested in new exclusives, but what new 360 exclusives have there been to be interested in? Just Dance? Kinect [Insert generic title here]?'

Actually, Forza Horizon isn't even close to a Kinect game or a generic title. But for the record Just Dance is a Move game as well as Kinect.

'Seriously, the last new high profile IP out of Microsoft was Alan Wake three years ago.'

If you are going to say this then anyone can see that the last new high profile IP out of Sony was Heavy Rain and thart actually came out BEFORE Alan Wake was released in the same year. So the truth is the new IP argument applies to BOTH Sony and MS, but certain people only pretend that it's only MS.

'What's especially ironic is that the 360 took off early on because of Gears, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Mass Effect, and Bioshock. All new IPs. All exclusive, and all stood out, even when competing with stuff like Call of Duty and Halo.'

The actual irony of the people who criticize MS for the games that were popular early in the gen is that Sony has literally done the exact same thing. (But gets NO criticism).

What we have seenfrom ALL consoles is they release new Ips thoughout it's life cycle and the successful ones get sequels. Some go multiplat but still remain on the original system.

With MS it was Halo (3, ODST, Wars,Reach, H4) ,Gears (1,2, 3, & the prequel), COD 2 (then 3,4,WOW 1&2,MW 1&2,BO 1&2), Elder Scrolls (Oblivion,Skyrim), Mass Effect (1,2,&3), Rainbox Six Vegas (1&2), Fable (2,3),Crackdown (1&2), Dead Rising (1&2), Forza (2,3,4, Horizon),Burnout (Revenge & Paradise), GRAW (1,2,Future), Lost Planet (1&2), L4D (1&2), Bioshock (1,2, Infinite), Condemned (1&2)...

The list goes on and on spanning over seven years.

The PS3 as well with Resistance, Motostorm, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, Infamous, etc, etc. All were successful and got multiple titles throughout the year.

Both Sony and MS have Dance games, exercise games, kiddie games, casual games..

MS doesnt need to emulate what Sony does to be succdessful and still keep their core gamers happy and neither does Sony need to emiulate MS to be successful, but it's clear that both have similiar strategies.


MrBeatdown2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Of course you would take issue with common sense, and of course it's all to defend Microsoft, rather than respond to the actual point of my comment about gamers' interest in new IPs...

"Actually, Forza Horizon isn't even close to a Kinect game or a generic title. But for the record Just Dance is a Move game as well as Kinect."

Yeah, see, that's why I didn't call it a Kinect game or a game with a generic Kinect name like Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures.

It's not a new IP. It's a Forza game. I'm not going to pretend Starhawk isn't the same IP as Warhawk just because it has major gameplay differences. I'm not going to pretend a Forza game isn't a Forza game for that same reason. At it's core, it's the same... a sim racer based on the same mechanics, just like Starhawk.

"If you are going to say this then anyone can see that the last new high profile IP out of Sony was Heavy Rain and thart actually came out BEFORE Alan Wake was released in the same year. So the truth is the new IP argument applies to BOTH Sony and MS, but certain people only pretend that it's only MS. "

You know why Sony can get away the past few years with a lack of new IPs? Because they don't need them. Their line-up is diverse enough as is. Their big games don't revolve around just three series getting sequels year after year. They have enough IPs to offer a diversity in their core line-up that Microsoft can't. Sony doesn't need the new IPs because they aren't dependent on Uncharted, Gran Turismo, and Killzone, the way Microsoft relies on Halo, Gears and Forza.

Sony has their supplements. They've got Resistance. MotorStorm. LittleBigPlanet. Infamous. Socom. Starhawk. Ratchet & Clank. All-Stars. Twisted Metal. Sly Cooper. That's TEN additional franchises.

That's just since 2011. What does Microsoft have to supplement Gears, Halo, and Forza in that same time frame? A Kinect dance game?

A lack of diversity is Microsoft's problem. New IPs are the solution. Sony doesn't need that solution, because they don't have the problem. But even then, Sony's still beating MS in new IPs.

But of course, certain people would prefer to ignore that truth, and ramble on about a list padded by timed 360 exclusives from 2006 and their multiplatform sequels as if they matter in a discussion of Microsoft's current crop of exclusives, and how open the gaming community is to new IPs.

jetlian2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

where did you get your numbers from kz3 was considered the worst selling in the series. Uncharted was bundled for over a year xbox gets seasonal bundles not a years worth.

ND never mention sells of it after the whole 3.8million in one day. Which was later changed to shipped WW. wheres the lbp2 numbers coming from never heard anything about it.

Point I was making last year oh sony has x amount of exclusives then most came and left like a fart in the wind.

we got twisted metal ,starhawk ,tales ,yakuza ,psa ,lbpk ,wonderbook, etc yea yea wheres the sales of all them.

EVILDEAD3602831d ago

'Of course you would take issue with common sense, and of course it's all to defend Microsoft, rather than respond to the actual point of my comment about gamers' interest in new IPs'

I simply pointed out that MS is approaching this gen the same as Sony. But see how you need to take shots first. Now if I take shots back then we know who will cry wolf, so I'll keep to what you have used about IPS out of your own mouth.

FIRST you say:

'Seriously, the last new high profile IP out of Microsoft was Alan Wake three years ago'

But when I inform you how it's been even longer for Sony you spin it to say:

'You know why Sony can get away the past few years with a lack of new IPs? Because they don't need them. Their line-up is diverse enough as is.'

So just to repeat..

MS lack of new IPs in 3 years = BAD
Sony lack of new IPs in 3 years = OK because they have a more 'diverse' line-up.

Sounds like an opinion and smells like hypocrisy.

So then your reasoning that Sony doesnt need New IPs is because since 2011 (edited at the last minute from 2008) they had 10 sequels??

So thanks for proving what I wrote in my first statement:

'What we have seen from ALL consoles is they release new Ips thoughout it's life cycle and the successful ones get sequels'

At the end of the day, regardless of opinions both MS and Sony have found success with the strategies they chose.