Expect more Xbox Live ads

Gamers should expect to see more advertisements on Xbox Live in the time ahead. Microsoft announced this week that its first wave of NUads (short for "natural user-interface ads"), which rolled out during fall 2012, have been highly successful and additional investment in this space is planned.

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StrongMan3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Exaclty. People pay money to subscribe to XBL to get free features and MS gives them even MORE ads?

Like Pirate said, Unbelievable...

iamnsuperman3238d ago

I do agree with you here. I would understand a free service with ads and you pay for the ads removal but I don't agree with this system

AAACE53238d ago

Everytime i hear something like this, it makes me glad i switched! Ms gets paid to run ads, gamers pay to watch ads. Investors are happy.

007Bond3238d ago

The ads are just mostly slide pictures that will only play if you click on them, really that bothers you? OF course it does cause you have a PS avatar what a surprise.....

Yi-Long3238d ago

... "MS can expect less gamers to pay 50 bucks for an ads-filled Xbox Live Gold subscription!"

I won't be renewing.

Mocat3238d ago

You and me both bro

NukaCola3238d ago

Xbox LIVE:
It doesn't add more features, it features more ads.

ShabbaRanks3237d ago

Its retarded imo that people don't even care about this. When you buy an app for you're Android or Iphone you get an ADD FREE app. So why in the hell do I pay for XboxLive if I get all these adds on the Dashboard.

I wont lie, Sony does adds on the PSN too, but only when you're browsing on the store. Then again at lest the adds are related to gaming or movies and not about Fu**ing Oreo Cookies and Chevy's.

And speaking of Dashboard why did they change it so many times. Now its designed to fit with Kinect, but I liked the very first dashboard with the swooshing window panels and stuff. Now I just hate the thing. In all this gen MS is doing everything to keep me away from the next xbox. Bravo MS bravo !

EVILDEAD3603237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I heard that Major Nelson interview on Gamertag radio after this was anounced weeks ago and he already said there will be no 'more' ads outside of the little optional box that says 'advertisement'.

Nothing else promotes anything that is not a part of Xbox Live.


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Hands Up For Games3238d ago


Adverts are everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

Take your offended arse out of here and go and sit down on the Chill Out Step and count to 10.

Adverts!? Unbelievable . . . . . Hahaha

PirateThom3238d ago

I am not offended at the ads, just the fact it's ads on a paid service and the usual suspects will keep defending it.

jimbobwahey3238d ago

Hahaha you mug. Bend over for Microsoft some more!

Hands Up For Games3238d ago

Watch TV - Ads
Listen to the radio - Ads
Magazine / Newspaper - Ads
Online - Ads

If the ads that MS were using were intrusive and obstructed the way you use the dash I could understand, but the fact you have to click on these ads to activate them undermimes your concerns.

People will bne moaning about trailers at the movies next ;)

EVILDEAD3603237d ago

I am not offended at the ads, just the fact it's ads on a paid service and the usual suspects will keep defending it.'

Bingo..none of the 'real' usual suspects are offended by ads at all. But you know why they make comments pretending they are..


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stage883238d ago

I wouldn't expect anything less from MS.

nukeitall3238d ago

Yet nobody here seems to know what these ads are!

Nuads are interactive ads that ONCE YOU SELECT IT then you interact with it. It just means instead of getting a video, you know get to make choices and return feedback to the advertiser.

You know what is unbelievable, that I get ads even though I pay for cable TV and they pop up in my face every 10 mins and last for at least 5 mins!

Heisenburger3237d ago

Well, going along with your half baked analogy, this would be as if your friend not only doesn't receive advertisements but also gets his CABLE SERVICE FREE!!!!

And you are happy both paying for service and getting advertisements.

See how that works boy?

nukeitall3237d ago


Yeah, but his cable service ain't as good as mine. You know there are free public channels, but almost nobody watches them!

What is ironic is the vast majority of Xbox Live Gold users probably don't complain about the fee (if they did, they would have moved over to another free service), yet the PSN users complain for them.

I don't complain about people that pay extra for "brand" name products, fancy cars that loose value and so on.

"And you are happy both paying for service and getting advertisements."

I am happy for the most part with the Xbox Live Gold service, that I pay even though I have PS3 and a PC.

The fee isn't a big deal to me, but I like the community, the interface, party/cross game chat and the apps. The ads don't bother me, and I in fact get curious on some of the ads and check them out. Some of the ads have been funny, like the Chuck Norris one with WoW, while others has been interesting with ads/movie trailers for movies.

Until I feel the competition matches up, then I will continue to pay.

Oh_Yeah3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I get my cable for free, premium channels like hbo, nfl network,showtime ect included... And it has no adds at all. Alls you need is Internet. You guys should learn how to use Google search... These things are out there... If you want to save money.

Oh_Yeah3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

@heisenburger Get a program called XMBC and a plug in called navi x. Wala free cable and more with no adds. Just make sure you have a decent Internet 20mps and up.

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LackTrue4K3238d ago

I have nothing against ads about game and game hardwear and such.
But it becomes annoying when you see ads about random stuff, like Insurance, McDonald's. Stuff that I have zero interest in!! (-_-")

Lvl_up_gamer3238d ago

There's ads on the 360?

I don't see them. I do see a ton of ads every time I play NHL13 but none on my 360 dashboard.

stage883237d ago

May I suggest that you invest in a pair of eyes. You'll be amazed at the number of ads (game related still count) that litter the xbox dashboard.

FamilyGuy3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Some people are use to and okay with ads... I'm not one of them.

I don't have cable, I just download the shows I like on my laptop and stream them to my PS3. My laptop uses firefox with the ad block+

I download songs and hardly ever listen to the radio so I pretty much never see or hear ads.

The only ads I miss are trailers for new movies but even then I occasionally visit the trailer section in the video side of the ps store or check imdb and see those.

I know my habits are far from typical so I can see why others would say this isn't a big deal but to anyone like me it would be.

I can't even knock MS for doing it though, if it makes money why stop?

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SuperSonic2663238d ago ShowReplies(1)
knifefight3238d ago

For Mountain Dew?
And Doritos?

torchic3238d ago

1000 degree article inbound.

shaun mcwayne3238d ago

If you are a gold member, I think you should be able to turn the ads off. Just my opinion.

BanBrother3238d ago

shaun, very smart idea.

This new dashboard is already making Xbox's much slower to load, and I don't think any more ads are going to make it quicker. I'm sick of this crap tbh. I wouldn't mind as much if the dashboard wasn't so slow compared to older ones.

Plus, I can't immediately think of any paid service where you have to look at annoying ads. I know a lot of them are to do with games and promotions, but some are stupid. I don't want to pay over 9000 dollars for a CoD headset thanks....

chukamachine3238d ago

Not really worth having a 360 if your a silver member is it.

But yes gold should be able to turn ads off.

I'm guessing platinum members will next gen.

hazardman3238d ago

Even if you are it not like the ads are in your face, there's one lil box for ads in the right bottom part of some of the blades and you have to go and click on it for it to work. Some gamers are just looking for ways to justify their hate for the Xbox brand. If its not Kinect its Ads..

Belking3238d ago

Just like you should be able ton turn off the ads on TV too

LNDCalling3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Errm.. BBC (UK) everyone pays for it via their TV license.. and wouldn't you know.. NO ADS!

Ads provide revenue to broadcasters who don’t earn money directly from their viewers / listener, in a similar manner to ‘free’ IOS and Android games. Why do MS think they can get away with serving up ads on a paid service, thereby getting two revenue streams?!?!

Hicken3237d ago

Um, no.

Since you seem to not understand, I'll break it down for you... again.

TV commercials actually PAY for the shows you watch. If a show isn't bringing the viewers, commercials aren't being seen, so the money goes away, and the show gets canceled. When you pay for cable, that money doesn't go to the production of any program you're watching... unless it's a show that's FUNDED by your cable/satellite provider. Can't think of anything that fits in that category.

On XBL, you pay for the connection to the internet you pay for. They claim that revenue goes to XBL upkeep, and they make BILLIONS from it; so why do they need ads? The purpose of the ads is to generate revenue, too.

So: unlike paying for cable or satellite- where you don't get the channels if you don't pay- paying for Live Gold gets you access to something YOU ALREADY OWN. It would be like your cable provider charging you to watch stuff you have on DVD.

And it's not enough to do that, but then they're generating revenue ON TOP of that by subjecting you to ads. I don't give a damn how unobtrusive they are.

Wanna bet they'll increase the ads and STILL raise the price of Live soon?

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