Ubisoft issues South Park, THQ Montreal statement: new IP confirmed

VG247: Ubisoft won big at the THQ auction this week, snapping up South Park: The Stick of Truth and THQ Montreal. The publisher has now issued a full statement on the matter, that confirms THQ Montreal’s development of an unannounced new IP, which could be Patrice Désilets new title ’1666′, or a game known as ‘Underdog.

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EvilFluff912825d ago

Awesome! Go Ubisoft, new IP's are always a good thing.

die_fiend2825d ago

Really? Some new iPs are absolutely awful

Knight_Crawler2825d ago

and some old IP's having gotten tired and boring...whats your point?

cl19832825d ago

It's going to be interesting to see how the south park lawsuit ends up. http://www.computerandvideo...

Felinox2825d ago

You know I rarely pre order anymore, but the "fun with weapons" content swayed me to preorder. Was really looking toward to this.
Matt and Tray are gamers hopefully they slap the Viacom loyers around a little.

Summons752825d ago

Good first order of business should be to take obsidian off the project and put a competent developer on the job to dirt fix all the bugs obsidian would have ignored and pretend like they weren't there, then finish the game making it fun, playable and with a good amount of qa behind it, again something obsidian never does and then blames the world for when everything goes bad.

DOMination-2825d ago

Obsidian are good developers... IMO They've just been screwed a lot by publishers in the past.

Felinox2825d ago

Yes people like to talk a lot of smack about Obsidian without knowing all the circumstances.
Obsidian are usually given extremely short development cycles from publishers among other factors. If they were given three year cycle they would produce something amazing.

gamernova2825d ago

Oh snap! The developers of new vegas on southpark. I can't wait!

CaptainN2825d ago

Good, can we get Stick of Truth on Wii-U now ????

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