Frontlines: Fuel of War Review (TeamXbox)

The complexity of the classes, the modern equipment and the entire vehicle dynamic ensure that Frontlines: Fuel of War is one of the, if not THE most cerebral and strategic online FPS action available at the moment. This is only good news if you want to get involved in big online matches where teamwork is paramount... If you accept the rules of Frontlines: Fuel of War's fifty player battles, then you'll be rewarded with the kind of entertainment that Chromehounds mavens completely understand; the same stuff that makes the general gaming populous sits there scratching its head, ironically.

Those that get it will play Frontlines: Fuel of War until the disc wears out. Those that miss the point will have this one back at EB Games the next day– happy to accept the $40 depreciation of their purchase. But even with such strong, complex multiplayer support, TeamXbox can't give Frontlines: Fuel of War a complete nod without a single player experience somehow equaling modern, fifty man mayhem via Live. If you know your gaming role (both literally and figuratively) and actually buy Frontlines: Fuel of War based on said self-awareness instead of the marketing hype, there will be nothing but blue skies (blurred by the occasional vapor trail of course) ahead.

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sonarus3979d ago

nice sounds like a great game. Will probably pick it up this weekend to see how it measures up to Warhawk. I actually do want it to. I love the chaos of all those ppl running around. warhawk is only 32 but 50 should be even better.

TheXgamerLive3979d ago

I love a great multiplayer experience, the single player is yet to be seen. They've added soooo many features to this game, I can't wait to see how it rolls.

I'm loving my Xbox 360, to bad they cancelled the ps3 version, this would of also been a great addition for the ps3 as well.

games4fun3979d ago

if i had a 360 i'd probably buy it the game, it has dedicated servers which i hope sets a trend for live games

i think that the multiplayer will be more fun for you guys so you can understand why i talk dedicated servers all the time

Excalibur3978d ago

And it's a great game!! I stayed up way too late last night playing it.

I'd give it a very solid 9 out of 10.