Report: Rockstar Threatened To “Sue The S**t” Out Of A TV Show Called LA Noir

Hollywood director and writer Frank Darabont was working on a TV show called LA Noir, which aside from having a similar name to Rockstar's 2011 adventure was also set in Los Angeles circa 1947, the same year the game begins. Despite being based on a book by the same name, he says he's had to change the name after Rockstar "threatened to sue the sh*t out of me".

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MultiConsoleGamer2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

A TV show, based on a book, that's similar to a game, that plays like a movie.

I wouldn't want to mess with the Rockstar lawyers. They'll send Carl Johnson to your house.

ThichQuangDuck2833d ago

I love Rockstar but this one is crazy there are multiple L.A. Noir named books that came out before their game.

If they are to be adapted into a movie or TV show it doesn't make sense for Rockstar to sue them unless they are thinking about making L.A. Noire a TV show.

Copyright claims are coming out the woodwork CJ

Derekvinyard132833d ago

UPDATE- GAME PUBLISHER DENIES.. Please read article people

ThichQuangDuck2833d ago


I can only read the article I am given cannot account for future updates. Glad that Darabont was wrong about this one misunderstandings happen. Lost Angeles is more unique anyhow in naming.

THC CELL2834d ago

Yawn, seen a farcry film other day with han from European gigilo in it, did Ubisoft cry,no

sourav932833d ago

Isn't that film actually based on the game "Far Cry" ?

FarCryLover1822833d ago

Yes and it was officially licensed by Ubi. BUT

Uwe Boll directed, so you know what to do. Dont watch!!!

Summons752833d ago

Why does rockstar care? They're nothing but bullies, not to mention they forcefully closed they studio that made la noire after torturing them during development. Horrible business practices and yet people eat there games up like it was the only game in the world. I liked la noire and red dead redemption but I hate r* for the way they treat their employees.

TheoreticalParticle2833d ago

Uh, that wasn't Rockstar torturing those guys at Team Bondi, that was the Team Bondi guys torturing Team Bondi.

cleverusername2833d ago

If you're going to rant, make sure you get your facts right 1st!

Derekvinyard132833d ago

Bubble down for trolling. Get ur facts straight

Temporary2833d ago

it's no secret that R* treats their employees like shit ...

In the grand scheme of things it wouldve probably HELPED LA Noire more than HURT it ...

Im sure people would pick the game up after watching the TV series ... but having it sound like theyre connected when theyre not would bother me too I guess if i were R*.

Derekvinyard132833d ago

Umm rockstar didn't make the game, and they stopped working with team bondi, the company that abused there workers. I urge you to do research before u post

tachy0n2833d ago

hmm take two are the ones afraid of everything not rockstar....

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