PS Vita – A Non-Failing Disappointment for Gamers

The PlayStation Vita is Sony’s follow up to the PSP and next generation extension into the handheld gaming market. Originally codenamed as the NGP, next generation portable, the goal of the new handheld for Sony was to bring a true PlayStation console-like experience on the go. A lot of the hardware contained inside the Vita has allowed for some great looking titles to grace the platform, including games like Uncharted Golden Abyss. Yet despite the positives the Vita presents, there is a lingering cloud of doubt and insecurity that brings into question the overall reception and Sony’s handling of the Vita up until now. This doesn’t mean that the Vita has been a failure for everyone out there, but it has been a reasonable disappointment for some.

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rbailey2834d ago

A great article right here and as a Vita fan and owner I couldn't agree more with the points raised in this piece.

FriedGoat2834d ago

all I can say is Vita>3DS x100 for first year support.
Infact, i've had about 20 games for 3DS and around 15 or so for vita, and I'm having more fun in the first year of vita than I have had with the lifetime of the 3DS.

Jason1432834d ago

My vita has been collecting dust. I decided to buy a psn card and picked up disgaea 3 and dracula x chronicles. I havent had so much fun with a handheld before. so much that I now must get a 3ds to even out all the killer titles. I have had some doubt in my $250 purchase but this last week being sick and playing my Vita have opened my eyes. The free mobile games has introduced me to a platform I would otherwise ignore. I probably have 5hrs on lemmings alone :)

forevercloud30002833d ago

I think its a bit unfair that many say the Vita is not being suppported or that it has no games when neither is true. Vita support is pretty good right now. We JUST got AC:L, COD, etc for the system. Now the effort going into these titles is definitely up for questioning.

Assassin's Creed:Liberations was a very good entry into the series on handheld. I have it and personally like Aveline more than Ezio. Ubisoft has been decent when it comes to making portable titles (Rayman). Now Activision is another monster, whom after promising a Vita title was later found not to be working on it at all for lack of care. Since this gen started Activision has been in bed with MS and spite Sony at every turn. Sony had to come up with a dev themselves to make the COD game which was promised to come within a year of release. The whole thing was sloppily handled by the devs,Sony, and Activision.

COD was the only BAD game to hit the Vita in a while. We still got AC:L,P4G which is AMAZING, Smart As, and LBP Vita which are all stellar titles. People just like to ignore the good stuff to justify their non purchase due to bias or jealousy.

PS. Fear of no Vita titles on the horizon is also moot. I was just at Gamestop and got lists of upcoming games for Vita and 3DS. 3DS only has about 10 official ones and Vita has like 5. Not that big a difference. I personally cannot wait for Soul Sacrifice, Warrior's Lair, Sly,Killzone: Mercs, Tearaway, etc.

Godchild10202834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

The system is not a failure nor is it a disappointment. IMO

The lack of developer support is a disappointment. How Sony is handling the situation is a disappointment. This is their second handheld console and they weren't the first to hit handheld next generation, so they should have had the developer support way before the release for the first two years with at least one game a month.

They didn't learn from their mistakes nor the mistakes from others. I do believe the Vita will pick up in sales and the support will turn around for it.

In Life(Vita) we trust.

LOGICWINS2834d ago

"The system is not a failure nor is it a disappointment. IMO

The lack of developer support is a disappointment. How Sony is handling the situation is a disappointment."

Best comment I've read all week.

KangarooSam2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Some might say it's... logical

Nerdmaster2834d ago

A system's success isn't made only by hardware itself. As you said, it has lack of developer support (even from Sony), Sony is handling the situation badly... As the article says, "There are a variety of games available both at retail and for digital download for the Vita, but very few must-own titles that help justify owning a Vita in the first place".

I also think that it's possible things will change. But if it stays the same, can you honestly say that Vita is a success? Or that you didn't expect more from it? By "the same" I mean with bad support from developers and even from Sony, and games that are good, but not system sellers.

3DS was called a failure once because of the lack of games, but everybody knew Nintendo was going to release games from its popular franchises eventually. After that, Mario was released, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, even a new Pokémon was announced, and 3DS picked up pace.

But what about Vita? Uncharted was released, it wasn't a system seller. The same with Little Big Planet, or other games that should've been good but weren't, like Resistance or Call of Duty. So what can we expect?

GribbleGrunger2834d ago

'This doesn’t mean that the Vita has been a failure for everyone out there, but it has been a reasonable disappointment for some.'

Now that I can engage with. This here folks is how to be unbiased

THC CELL2834d ago

Hey my vita past my time in hospital having pipe removed (cancer) 5 week's of hell I.had. Vita cheered me up everytime I played it. I.just wish remote play would of worked

LOGICWINS2834d ago

Cancer? WOW..I'm VERY sorry to hear that. I had a cousin that had cancer that unfortunately didn't make it, but I wish you the best for your recovery.

tachy0n2834d ago

wish you the best mate!

you should try to play some 1080P movies on the PSVita, you will have a great time with the OLED screen! :D

bicfitness2834d ago

Wish you the best. Lost my mom to lymphoma almost a year ago to the date (29th). Funnily enough, I was spending so much time at the hospital (she was having 'induction' therapy, so was there all the time) that I had preordered a Vita to keep me company while she was sleeping or getting tests. Unfortunately things didn't work out as planned.

So a strange, bitter-sweet fondness for the hardware exists with me too. Anyway, all the best.

KangarooSam2834d ago

I seriously could not have said it better myself. I think the author stated what a lot of Vita owners are thinking. I've invested probably close to a grand in my Vita and game purchases to support developers, so I think if there's anyone else out there with a love for Sony like me then it should be alright.

Also, let's not forget we were promised plenty of announcements this year and also Destination Playstation is next month with PS3 and Vita announcements confirmed. I really hope Sony pushes the Vita and announces a ridiculous amount of new first and third party IPs as well as possibly some spin offs or sequels. People need to be aware of how great this thing is!

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