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Steve Artlip from writes

"Overall: 6
While the controls were easy to pick up and play, the visuals of the game were not bad and the game audio was done quite well that did not save this game from all its pit falls. The length of the game was way to short, and the majority of the game was spent in cut scene (which were done quite well), talking to people on the island and running around. Which, by the way, was awful, you were running in dark caves, running away from the black smoke as well as running away from the others while they were shooting at you. That right there was by far the worst part of this game, it was done to often and it was very frustrating when you failed and that happened quite a bit. I can not recommend spending sixty dollars on this game, a thirty dollar price tag would have impacted my overall score slight bit but still not enough for me to tell you to buy this game. Rent this if your a fan of Lost or an achievement type of person, otherwise stay away."

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