Black Ops 2 Player Given Ban and Major Stats Blow for Prestige Glitching

In an effort to discourage gamers from using glitches, boosting and other frowned upon methods of leveling and earning prestige ranks Activision and Treyarch lay down the law hard. One player received a lengthy ban and a major blow to his stats for prestige glitching on his account.

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dazzrazz2830d ago

I know right ? Major news about major garbage game...

blackblades2830d ago

Exactly what I said when I read the title.

Alduin2830d ago

Black Ops 2 is pretty solid for the most part. It has some flaws, but what game doesn't? Overall, I enjoy it.

badz1492830d ago

They basically release the same damn game every year but somehow same or similar glitches remain in the games too! Just show how much they care about quality control isn't it?

Sure, you can ban people but do you know how many others have these cheaters screwed up online beefore they got their prestiges? They just want to show that they actually care when they clearly don't! Banning people is easier than spending some dough for quality control! Open your damn minds and eyes, this is not entirely the cheaters fault but the incompetence of Activision who released the same damn glitchy game every freaking year! The sad thing is, people swallow it like sheep!

princejb1342830d ago

I hope this happens to everyone who did the glitch

Alduin2830d ago

Agreed. And permanently banned for any repeat offenders.

InTheZoneAC2830d ago

aww, losers cheating online and getting banned.

how lame are people to cheat in an online game?

Alduin2830d ago

Pretty lame. It's usually the biggest no-lifes and then they talk trash and boast about their illegitimate 5.0 K/D and Prestige Master rank.

profgerbik2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I don't know what is more lame people wasting their own time and energy to be the best at a game they aren't getting paid to the best at or the fact people care so much wasting their own time and energy writing about them cheating.

Both sound lame to me.

I could careless, however one wants to waste away is completely up to them but it's just ironic is all.

InTheZoneAC2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

you "couldn't care less"...................

two errors


ElectricKaibutsu2830d ago

And all is right with the world again.

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