Guitar Hero Mod Lets You Cheat Like a Champ

Everybody loves Guitar Hero, but what of the shame and social rejection those of us who suck at it have to endure on a daily basis? If blowing chunks at Paint it Black means you can no longer venture out in public or hang with your friends due to humiliation, the people at VGP have the solution for you. Cheat. Thats right, cheat your little pants off.

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xplosneer3887d ago

"Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Site. Application Aborted" WTH?

patinahelix3887d ago

It seems the embedded video doesn't want to work with Internet Explorer. I looked with IE, Firefox, and Safari, but only IE had this problem.

Farsendor13887d ago

no fun in modding the guitar 200 for each chip board or whatever they are called thats just a waist not even playing it yourself its just going on its own

Engineer3887d ago

Weird, it worked on my IE.

I can't imagine how painstaking it would be to program each song on expert... almost as much work as learning how to play it. Seems quite useless to me... but from a "tech" perspective that's pretty damn neat.