Nintendo Direct? More like Nintendo Misdirect.

Writer Leo Stevenson says, "This isn’t going to win me any popularity contests, but I can’t possibly be the only person who was left less than impressed after watching Nintendo’s most recent Nintendo Direct, can I? Sure, I can admit that there was some interesting, even promising, news revealed last night. But for every interesting tidbit there were just as many “announcements” that either only confirmed what we already knew, were “too little too late” or a thin smokescreen frantically attempting to veil the truth. That truth? That the Wii U is struggling to find traction with consumers, is failing to shift the numbers Nintendo were hoping for and is once again a Nintendo console without much of any third-party support."

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Whymii2836d ago

I think your a glass is half empty kind of guy. I remember when the Atari 2600 was cutting edge tech and have owned almost every console since. Every console has a flat spot after launch, partly as a result of consumer's insatiable need for new thrills, partly due to post Christmas slow down, and probably largely due to overly high expectations.

If you owned an Atari or Sega console then you will be disappointed in the end, but give Nintendo credit, they will deliver most of their promises. Not all, but what company does? Remember, they are in the business of making money and so they will charge whatever they can. Good luck to them I say. I hope you can enjoy your wii u as much as I and my family do in the future. Just as we enjoy our Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PSP, etc.

dedicatedtogamers2836d ago

I believe the author is correct. It isn't so much what games have been announced or haven't been announced. It's not that the system has only been out for two months.

This is the time for Nintendo to really DRIVE momentum for their new flagship console, and they aren't doing it. There aren't any "WOW! I gotta get that game!" announcements so far.

Neonridr2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

that new Monolith Soft game looks to rival anything that Square Enix has put out. If Xenoblade is any indication of the quality of game we can expect but with the added bonus of HD graphics and a larger disc format, then this game could be epic.

But I don't expect everyone to be excited for that sort of thing, maybe you're more excited by the next CoD, Halo or God of War, who knows. To each their own though.

Gamers are so spoiled nowadays. Does anyone remember the N64? It launched with 3 games... and it was home to some of the highest regarded games ever created (Mario 64, Ocarina of Time). I don't believe any console has launched with as many AAA tiles that the Wii U launched with, regardless if some were ports from older 360/PS3 games. Not to mention that the console in many cases is at least matching 7/8 year old consoles that developers have had so much time optimizing. That says a lot at how easy it is to get things up and running on the Wii U if they can do that in it's first run of games.

EVERY console suffers a lull after it's launch. The 360 and PS3 were bone dry in terms of releases after launch. For the 360's launch in 2005, they had one game show up a month after release (Dead or Alive 4), and then the next games didn't show up until the end of February (Full Auto and Fight Night Round 3) Not much difference here, except there are a heck of a lot better games to play on the Wii U than there were to play on the 360 during it's launch.

delboy2836d ago

You're joking right? No wow games.
Every N game is a WoW game, and anyone calling him self a rael gamer shuldn't miss new zelda, metroit, mario... you name it.

EddieNX 2836d ago

Now wow games ? Some people must be immposible to please.

Xenoblade chronicles 2 or X - Like have you played Xenoblade chronicles 1 ? If not go and buy a wii with Xenoblade chronicles right now , I order you.

Smash bros , 3D mario , Mario kart all ready for unveil at e3 - It doesn't get any bigger or better than those three games in their respective genres , they are the pinacle of each genre.

Windwaker Reborn - I just can't imagine someone not wanting a HD Remake of Windwaker , a Megaton anouncement

Shin Megami tensei x Fire emblem - Sounds awesome right ? .... right ? you must be uninformed...

Yoshi game - Looks nice , looks great , looks like a day 1 purchase.

Nintendo basically COULD NOT POSSIBLY OF HAD a better Nintendo direct. Nintendo Direct after all isn't E3 or anything like that.
It was absoloutly astonishing what Nintendo did in 35 minutes. Give credit where credit is due.

Old McGroin2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@ delboy

I agree with you that the big hitters you named are 99% of the time very big deals and excellent games to boot, but now that the dust has settled on THAT Nintendo Direct announcement avalanche I can't help but wonder why in the hell Nintendo didn't have at the very least one of them ready for the Wii U's launch window. It's all well and good announcing these things but they are probably a year off. I mean, Nintendo might as well announce in the next Direct that there will be a Mario, Zelda and Metroid game on their NEXT console as well, but the people who have shelled out the large amount of cash for their shiny new console will soon enough have a dusty new console for lack of use. We need solid content and we need it now. And I have to agree with the author of this article, it's a complete joke that the Virtual Console won't be up and running in full for another 6 months when it was ready pretty much out of the box with the original Wii. I mean, there's such a lack of content for the Wii U that I found myself a little bit excited to be downloading that baloon bursting game for 30 cent that was originally a NES game. I WAS EXCITED TO BE DOWNLOADING A GAME THAT IS CLOSE TO 30 YEARS OLD. And there's not even an online leaderboard for it, sigh.

I'm as excited as anyone else about all the announcements made the other day but the bottom line is I still don't have anything new to play RIGHT NOW and barely any solid release dates for upcoming games. C'mon Nintendo, get with the times!

@ Kingofwiiu

I'd just like to add that I'm in full agreement with you and most of the games announced will be day one purchases for me, I just feel like those announcements should have been made 6 months ago and all those titles should only be a few months away.

Hisiru2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Seriously... I can't understand you guys. Nintendo clearly said this Nintendo Direct was going to focus on FIRST PARTY CONTENT, and now you guys are complaining about lack of third party announcements? Really? Iwata even said "we will talk about third party games at a later date", how difficult is to understand that?

I can't deny that the WiiU really needs more third party support, but I will give it time. This console launched in November lol it doesn't even have 3 months on the market.

You guys are always complaining about the lack of "hardcore games" from Nintendo. Nintendo announced a heavily requested remake of a Zelda game, another Zelda game, a 3D Mario (playable at E3), a few Bayonetta 2 info and the incredible Monolith game, and yet, you guys are still complaining.

It's just a Nintendo Direct and not an E3 show, are you people expecting more from a Nintendo Direct? Really?

Whymii2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I understand your point of driving momentum forward, but that's hard to do when realistically it takes a minimum 2 years to make a game. That's some serious forward planning. Nintendo can only do so much, therefore they gave to rely in other publishes and developers. Regardless what that bashers say, Ubisoft did a sterling job supporting the launch of an untried and therefore risky console.

It all comes back to money, do I spend 20 million and tie up my resources for 2 years on a console with unknown sales and a tiny install base or go for the safer option of the larger install bases of PS3 and Xbox? As the install base increases for the wii u, its business proposition will make more sense and therefore more developers will come onboard.

Two years from now, hopefully we'll see a thriving wii u software scene and I hope the other consoles are strong as well because that's good for everyone, manufacturers, publishers, developers and consumers.

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user39158002836d ago

I sense truth by the author lol... Im in the same boat he is currently in, I know lack of third party support, unstable online, inferior gaming compare to competition, and the awkward controller is killing me. With that in mind, Big N is not selling well at all, ugh... my son will hate me for this, but I simply told him Big N lost the hardcore and gain the kids in its casual ways. This console its simply a retro machine and nothing more with the addition of a poor controller scheme that its low quality visually, too big, lack of play due to drain batterie and to see the equivalent on graphics that already been out for 7 years its not a joy, but a backwards thinking. Either way, Im a gamer and always will support Big N CAUSE i SIMPLY LOVE THEIR FIRST PARTY, OTHERWISE, the system would of been a dead weight with me.

G20WLY2836d ago

Regarding "not selling well", I really believe that - rightly or wrongly - many that are interested are waiting for a price drop and some of these big promised games to actually land before they will purchase.

To this day, I cannot fathom Nintendo's original pricing for the 3DS at launch. It was simply too much and it forced them to make a hasty price cut.

It has, to some degree, created a wider spread legacy issue, in my opinion.

I know people that say this big price drop is likely with WiiU as well, so are sitting back and waiting. They have no source, but if that's the perception you have to wonder how much that original 3DS pricing has impacted:

1) the Vita sales, as another handheld
2) the WiiU sales, as another Nintendo product

Prices will drop eventually, of course, but I don't think it will be as quick as 3DS did - others tell me I'm wrong and that's not good for Nintendo or any of the other hardware manufacturers :(

Munnkyman2835d ago

I haven't had any issues online and the control is just fine. You sound like you don't even own the system what do you mean by inferior gaming?

chadboban2836d ago

"Too little too late"

The system is two freaking months old. And that particular Nintendo Direct was made to show Nintendo's first party games and partnerships, the intention was not to show third party games. And Iwata pretty much apologized about the lack of first party titles for January and February on the Wii U, I don't see them trying to veil the truth there.

Does that make their situation any better, nope. The Wii U is struggling in for it's first couple of months just like EVERY other system launch. People need to realize that a system doesn't immediately start out as amazing and always needs time to grow. I mean just look at how far the PS3 has come from it's very dark early days. People need to calm the hell down with the Wii U and Vita doom they keep spewing. Those systems are going to be just fine.

lilbroRx2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Vita's a different story(a year at the bottom is a lot different than 2 months in the middle) but, I agree with you pretty much otherwise.

I still don't see how Nintendo is "struggling" though. How does slightly above average sells equal struggling? I thought struggling meant failing continuously.

Every time I look at the Wii U's sells. It picks up just a little more each week.
Its in the top 4 half, not the bottom 4.

Also, the fact is that the 3DS has been dominating for months. How does having one system be the best selling and the other being the runner-up equal struggling?

zebramocha2836d ago

Aren't you contradicting your self,and the same thing could be said for the ps3/vita,the vita didn't have a simultaneous release.

Ezz20132836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

using vgchartes as some kind of fact make you lose any credibility you have

as for 3ds it only done that because nintendo give it huge price cut
before that it was barely selling and had tons of "doom and gloom" articles too

Neonridr2836d ago

Ezz2013 - if you can show a more reliable source than vgchartz, then be my guest...

so the 3DS is only doing well because of a price cut? Not the fact that there are tons of games on the system, or the fact that you can play DS games on it too? That makes its library 100X the size of the Vita's since Sony was so smart to not include PSP support.

Ezz20132836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

""I mean just look at how far the PS3 has come from it's very dark early days ""

i still remember those days when "ps3 has no gamez"
"ps3 gfx sux"

but now ps3 have been kicking ass and taking names left and right
in games and gfx
and i don't see any change in the future even when ps4 launch (when ever that happen)

ppl need to not loss hope on WII-U just yet
it's not even half year old
give some time before the doom and gloom articles
i have no idea why the gaming media love to make "doom and gloom" articles about sony/nintendo
when they are the one doing all the good to gaming

from the beach2836d ago

Just no pleasing some people!

Looking back at the launch years for 360 and PS3, I think Nintendo are doing fine.

mshope102836d ago

two months in is to little to late.and we should take you serious?

your just hating that's it plan and simple.

most people who own wii u love it.

give it time to get more games.

anyone remember two years ago when the same thing was said about 3ds and 27 million units later its killing it.

and same thing with vita give it some time.I swear the gaming press has become jaded crybabies.not all of them cause there's still some great one's.but alot are spoiled jaded crybabies its the truth.

dubberman2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

The Nintendo Direct was for Nintendo published games ONLY. Third Party games will be spoken about a little later, more than likely E3 or just before to help build up some hype.

This was actually said in the direct, if the author actually bothered to listen..

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