Here Are Your Picks For The Best And Worst Horror Games Of 2012

Bloody Disgusting's fourth annual FEAR Awards comes to a close as they reveal the best and worst horror games of the year, voted by you!

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2pacalypsenow2830d ago

Best HD Remaster/Port .... Silent Hill!?

tack1292830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Guess the quality of the port as well as the 2 hour long video wasn't enough to stop people voting for the title.

PhoenixRising372830d ago

the big question is: what horror games came out in 2012?

tack1292830d ago

Most disappointing was well deserved. War Z is one of the worst games ever made.

Surprised about best HD Port/Remaster. So much controversy over Silent Hill HD Collection. Question is why did it get votes despite that?

Most anticipated I would have given it to Amnesia over Dead Space, same with Dead Island as I enjoyed the hell out of the first one despite the flaws.

TekoIie2826d ago

Is war z horror? I thought it was a survival mmo :/