Namco Bandai Unable To Fulfill Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition, Price Gouging Suspected

Gameranx: "Customers have since discovered that a scalp site called PlayCanada, which does a business of buying limited editions of games and re-selling them at several times their original price, is stocking over 220 copies of the “Wizard Edition” of Ni No Kuni, and has sold each of them for $400."

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Root2834d ago

Jeez....I hope my copy is alright

I'm from the UK so fingers crossed.

Root2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Just saw that we get a dumbed down edtion

We in the UK don't get the Art cards, soundtrack or the coin

For f*** sake

First the Last of Us, then Metal Gear Solid Rising now this....jesus christ.

Could they really not add the other items, were paying MORE for less.

DigitalRaptor2834d ago

I know. it's downright pathetic, but sadly we won't be heard by the corporate folk that be.

Merrill2834d ago

Namco better address this soon or it's going to to turn very bad for them. Such a shame this has had to happen to such a great game, feel bad for the gamers :(

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dboyman2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Didn't Bother with Wizards edition (has to watch budget). Bought my copy from, supposed to get pre-order code for "gryphy" character. But they did not ship it yet even though pre-ordered it Jan 15. (Says will Ship Jan 25th, received Feb 4- Feb 13. They say this cause I chose the free super saving shipping). Worse yet they never emailed my pre-order code yet. Used to order from before, never such issues with them before. X(

RTheRebel2834d ago

yea i bought the steelbook edition
if collectors edition aint got steelbook i aint buying

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