Inside Street Fighter IV's Nostalgic Allure

Nostalgia can be a disappointing thing, says the producer of Street Fighter IV.

"Sometimes, you remember things as looking cooler than they did," says Capcom's Yoshinori Ono. "Since it's been 15 years since Street Fighter II came out, you might envision something that looks better. What we're trying to do with Street Fighter IV is to build a game that looks like your ultimate memories."

Capcom will release the long-awaited 3-D followup to their epoch-making fighting game series into Japanese arcades this June. But the game's makers haven't forgotten the sting of Street Fighter III, an immensely demanding and complex game that only appealed to a tiny sliver of hardcore players.

Somewhere along the line, Capcom lost the millions of casual quarter-droppers that made SFII the biggest game that video arcades ever saw. With Street Fighter IV, Ono wants to get them back.

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ReconHope3976d ago

sweet day of sf2 turbo kick in. ^_^

GRRiMREEAPeR3976d ago

U know im really starting to not like this guy, after that interview last week and now this... this guy is crapping up streefighter4 and now telling me that old streetfighter games sucked??? get this guy outta here capcom! hes gonna ruin ur best franchise!