PlayStation Webstore Now Live For US PSN Users

Chris writes: "Much like Canada and Mexico earlier today, PlayStation users in the United States now have access to the SEN Webstore. This means that if you want, you don’t have to use that slow and frustrating store that is currently on your PS3. "

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KosmoCrisis2834d ago

About freakin time! I will be using this instead of my PS3 for eternity. Saves boot ups!

iamnsuperman2834d ago

It clearly shows how the design of the PSN store was designed with the PC and the PS3 an after though. The web store works so well

KosmoCrisis2834d ago

Why would someone "Disagree" with what I just said?

JoGam2834d ago

there will always be disagree ninjas lurking anything Playstation. Deal with it. ;-)

tachy0n2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

since i dont have a PS3 and only own a PSVita, i'll claim all of the PS3 PS+ freebies just in case i get a PS3 xD

JoGam2834d ago

More people should do that. Glad you are one of the smart ones.

LordZ2834d ago

I did that as well!!!

NovusTerminus2834d ago

I still miss the old PS Store, the second one, not the first one that used the web browser!

The new one is slow, and I HATE the search function.

kingPoS2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I agree. The new store needs some "Serious" optimizations. Just browsing through it is like an equivalent of playing Uncharted 3 or God of War 3.

From what I hear, Japan still uses the previous store. The new webstore will be a welcome addition. It kinda reminds me of the Hong Kong store I looked around a few days ago.

What we need next from Sony is the introduction proper filters to the ps3's download list. I have over a thousand items and nothing to do but scroll down or pick a given date.

HeavenlySnipes2834d ago

"The new store needs some "Serious" optimizations. Just browsing through it is like an equivalent of playing Uncharted 3 or God of War 3. "

lol wow

2834d ago
trenso12834d ago

nope the japanese have the new store as well ive checked on my japanese account :/

ABizzel12834d ago

The new store wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so slow. Checking your download history is a nightmare in the new store, and I check via account settings which is still the old store set-up. THe search function is slow as well.

That being said there are some decent perks like seeing all the options PSN has to offer, and it does a better job at showing off multiple games on PSN with things like the Top 10, what new, etc... That aspect is a much needed improvement to help little known PSN games get some spotlight, but they really need to get the store speeds much faster than they are now.

nevin12834d ago

Just bring back the old store. I hate how you have through many pages just to download a demo.

KrisButtar2834d ago

It is not supported on any of my browsers on my iPhone. Google or safari.

SignifiedSix2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Try the dolphin browser. I think its the best for android. Pretty sure they'll have it for IOS. :)

Edit: Alright, i tried it with the dolphin browser and all it did was load. Might be different for you though..

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The story is too old to be commented.