Nvidia GeForce Experience Beta Now Available to the Public

Maximum PC: Nvidia on Thursday announced that its GeForce Experience beta program is now open to anyone and everyone who wants to kick its tires, so long as you're driving a supported graphics card (and no, AMD cards are not supported). It initially launched as a closed beta back in December 2012, and since that time, over 40,000 gamers downloaded the app. Nvidia said it's been using the feedback it's received over the past month to make improvements.

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MurDocINC2835d ago

Valve should be doing this as part of steam, that would make pc gaming simple for most pc gamers.

aliengmr2834d ago

Way too complicated to integrate into Steam with very little pay off.

It would have to support all chipsets, it would only work on a few titles, and not enough gamers would use it to justify the effort.

SilentNegotiator2835d ago

Does it work if you have an AMD CPU/Nvidia GPU combo?

1nsomniac2835d ago

Anyone tried it, did they find it any good??

KING852835d ago

I've had it for a while, but I hardly use it. Its use was intended for those who found the settings menu a bit difficult to figure out. Sometimes it put my settings below what my graphics card can push, so I simply just setup my settings the old fashioned way. I try it out every now and then, but it is very useful for those now getting into PC gaming.

berndogskate2835d ago

Yes does what you expect optimizes gaming settings to suite hardware configuration. Works in seconds aswell, im liking it ! hope this helps, just under 10.00 mb download.......... go try it.

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