3 Awesome Games Free on PSN

Everyone likes free stuff right? Well Ben from BagoGames has noted 3 must-downloads from the PSN store that cost diddly squat. Sweet.

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Y_51502836d ago

Totally saw all three of these games coming.

StrongMan2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

And that's one reason why PSN is the best service in gaming by far.

On PSN you don't pay a dime and get free stuff and features but with the competition you pay to get free features.

CommonSenseGamer2836d ago

One of the really great things these online services have achieved is to have changed general opinion on the whole digital distribution model. It works and file size is way less of an issue than it use to be.

TheFirstClassic2836d ago

Sorry but steam is the best service, especially when it comes to sales. The deals steam has are just incredible.

Good_Guy_Jamal2836d ago

Seriously bro? Why instigate stuff? Off topic and flamebait right there.

TheFirstClassic2836d ago

Wow that's a lot of disagrees. I barely game on pc but even I can see steam is a better service. Loads faster and the deals are always better.

2pacalypsenow2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@cpayne93 i dont consider Steam a service more like an online store , you don't pay to use Steam but i agree PSN+ is The best Console Service Out there add Party chat system and its 99% perfect

Old McGroin2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@ Good_Guy_Jamal & rankftw

What cpayne93 said isn't off topic at all. He was replying to a comment by StrongMan in which he stated PSN was the best gaming service around. cpayne93 merely countered that with his view that Steam is the best service in gaming. Not flamebait either but more like what could potentially be a good opening to a debate on which service offers more value for money.

But this is N4G so instead of a good debate breaking out all you get is a lazy "such a troll comment" or "flamebait". Sigh.

@ 2pacalypsenow

"i dont consider Steam a service more like an online store , you don't pay to use Steam"

You don't pay to use PSN either, but just like PSN, Steam allows you to buy online content and launch it through Steams portal. They're very similiar services if you leave out the option of paying for PS+.

MasterCornholio2836d ago

Nintendo and Valve offer a free service the only one whose charging for online play and access to services like Netflix is Microsoft.

J86blum2836d ago

I'm a Sony Fanboy, and even I cannot stand the PSN in the shape its in now. I use the Playstation Network Site now since its faster.

The PSN store is a complete joke from load time to how many times I have to click everything over, and over. And the search engine, did they let a five year old decide it?

They took out the option of downloading while running Netflix, yeah its alittle thing but still. why even remove it?

Like I said, I found an option of just using the Playstation Network website, diffrent page set up, classic type in search, and FAST.

SolidStoner2836d ago

great deal, best part that you dont have to be PSN+ owner to download them... Killzone 3 multiplayer + latest ad-on maps..

Use Search Button if you cant find it! I could not find any of these 3 free games until I used search!!!

Rebo002836d ago

I suggest you get a better internet connection as the new PSN Store (SEN or whatever they're calling it now) works fine for me.
No slowness, no issues, so it's your side not theirs that has the problem.

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x2FKx2836d ago

Killzone 3 is NOT free in US PS store!!!!
WTf is up that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y_51502836d ago

I thought it was free until you reach a certain level. I'm not sure but it's free to download. I have Killazone 3 on disc so it doesn't matter to me. :P

bentarrant2836d ago

This article talks about the multiplayer, which is free until level 10. Globally... Well except china/Korea.

TAURUS-5552836d ago

PSN...youre the best ¡¡¡¡

Thirty3Three2836d ago

I see you've posted an article, looking for views. Not good, friend.

We all know about these. It's pretty much common knowledge.

HammadTheBeast2836d ago

He didn't even mention Dust 514 open beta which is awesome

bentarrant2835d ago

Yeah man! At the time of writing I hadn't downloaded it. Will be updating tomorrow as dust rules!

r212836d ago

Dont forget the free PSM games :D of course this applies to vita owners though.

ThanatosDMC2836d ago

One thing i didnt like on the PSN that said it was free but was more like a timed demo/trial was Zen Pinball on the Vita. It said it's "free" but you actually have to buy a pack to keep playing. I wish i could report it.

violents2836d ago

agreed, I downloaded it too because it was in the "Free games" section and it lets you play for like 10 mins and you hit the score cap and wants you to purchace the retail version. Thats a demo not a free game.


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