Ripten: Hands-On with Dark Sector Multiplayer (Bonus Official Screenshot Gallery!)

Ripten's Dan Landis writes:

During GDC, the Ripten crew was privy to an exclusive invite-only shindig presented by the good people at D3Publishing. What did we do? Well, we sat down in front of some system-linked Xbox 360's and proceeded to tear the shit out of each other in a few rounds of Digital Extremes' new game, Dark Sector.

Steve Sinclair, Project Lead for the game, ran through a bit of the single player with us first. He showed us what is essentially the tutorial, the events leading up to Hayden (Dark Sector's main character) getting infected with awesomeness, and then skipped around to later levels to show us some upgraded bad-assery.

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Nostradavis3888d ago

The game looks great but how are the controls?

wardrox3888d ago

I like the idea of having players and bots, as long as the bots are smart enough.

Twizlex3888d ago

Bots! It's a nice option, but bots are always either way too easy or the cheat their asses off.

techie3888d ago

Looks generic and crap.

techie3888d ago

Whether it IS crap is another matter >_<

Jamegohanssj53888d ago

Deep is telling the truth, but it's ultra crap in my opinion. This game will not live up to it's show off and hype.

The genius has spoken.

The Closing3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

..I mean ultra disagree, but my trigger finger misfired and hit agree.

This game looks great, and hopefully plays great as well. Honestly there is no real hype around this game so that just flat out makes no sense to say it's a hyped game. Also I love how people act like they're the all knowing sh*t online.. "The Genius has spoken," gimme a break.

Hopefully some more modes will be added to multi player, but either way I already have it fully prepaid, and now I'm just counting the days until I get to play a game that will ultimately deliver.


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The story is too old to be commented.