Loyal Nintendo Customers Should be Upset That They’re Being Charged Again for VC Games

GenGAME writes: "While Wii U owners who transferred their Virtual Console games over from Wii have to pay an extra $1 to upgrade their NES games and $1.50 to upgrade their SNES games to Wii U versions, Wii U Virtual Console games purchased for the first time will cost the same as their Wii counterparts. That means $5 for most NES games and $8 for most SNES games – there won’t be an added cost for the added Wii U features.

"That may seem good and well… but there’s something wrong with this picture. Why are loyal customers paying more money to play their digital Virtual Console catalog on Wii U? I think people who are being asked to pay the “loyal customer upgrade fee” should be very, very angry with Nintendo."

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IAMERROR2836d ago

yeah it sucks but it's optional and they still have access to them.

ABizzel12836d ago

If $1 is not that big of a deal, then it shouldn't have been that big of a deal to Nintendo, and they should have upgraded them for free, or better yet, it's expected that those games should have worked with the Wii-U since it's main selling point is the tablet controller being able to play games away from the TV.

You don't charge people to replay something they already bought DIGITALLY, because your new console has a new feature, that really does nothing to change the original game.

But it's what I expect from Nintendo. They're so far behind the online and digital curb that I'm thankful of everything MS and Sony have been able to do thus far.

Is it really that much to let people re-download the game for free.

PopRocks3592836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Coding a game to run on new hardware with a new OS is not as simple as you make it sound. There's a reason some Windows 95 software will not "just work" on the latest Windows OS. It takes time and money; forward compatibility is no different.

Now keep in mind you're paying less than $2 for being able to run the game on the Wii U's standard OS without having to launch Wii mode, you can customize the controls to your liking AND you can play these games on the gamepad. And on one is forcing you to pay for it; if you're content with just playing it in the Wii mode, they let you do that.

Why should I be angry about that? Besides, didn't Sony do something similar with PSP games in Japan and more expensively? Why is it only bad when Nintendo does it, even when it's this cheap?

ABizzel12836d ago

Coding has nothing to do with it. Nintendo knew going forward they wanted the Wii-U to continue Virtual Console, so they should have made preparations to get these games up and running on the Wii-U, not give you a Wii version and a Wii-U version. Forward compatibility is pointless without Forward thinking.

And on top of the The Wii-U uses nearly identical hardware that the Wii and Gamecube used, thus coding was a non-issue. The CPU is exactly the same since the Gamecube. The Wii CPU was the 1.5x the Gamecube's CPU, and the Wii-U is 3x the Wii's CPU. The GPU is obviously more powerful and can easily run any of those old games, which are likely running on emulators to begin with.

You can't tell me it took NIntendo tons of work coding, because they're using the same freaking hardware. Nintendo is getting away with this, because their audience are generally Younger Gamers looking for Mario & Pokemon, and the fans who've been around since NES who'll praise everything they do.

If you don't understand technology or programming then you would assume that, but I do, and I know all this is BS. The only thing they did was code data to stream, and add new controls, but new controls are pointless unless it unless they added touch controls which agains is pointless.

ABizzel12836d ago

As I said the whole selling point of the Wii-U is HD graphics and streaming content to the controller. You shouldn't have to re-buy your content to stream it to the controller. Nintendo should have just let you re-download the games.

You and the others can disagree all you want, but in the end my intent is to look out for the gamers and not to bash Nintendo. I loved Nintendo and they were my favorite back in the SNES and N64 era. I loved my Gamecube as well although the PS2 was better IMO. It was PS2, Gamecube, then Xbox for me. The Wii I hated, because I bought it day 1 and after beating Twilight Princess, beating Excite Truck, playing Wii Sports to death, getting Wii Play for the extra controller I was pissed there was NOTHING to play until Melee.

I'm happy with everything Nintendo has shown thus far with the Wii-U and I think it could be a great console with the right support, but every time Nintendo takes 3 steps forward they take a leap back from some of the most rage inducing business decisions.

This isn't a major one, but NIntendo could have easily allowed people to re-download the games. WHY WOULD YOU CHARGE A DOLLAR ($1) FOR THIS YET CHARGE THE SAME PRICE FOR PEOPLE BUYING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME AS WHAT THE ORIGINAL WII OWNERS PAIED FOR. It makes no sense, and it's just a bad business decision for people keeping your console business going for 20+ years. Only core gamers have bought library's worth of games on the Virtual Console, so don't do them like that.

And as far as Sony and the PSP went, there was no other way to get people who bought RETAIL COPIES (NOT DIGITAL) of their games to get a digital version so they charged them to transfer the retail copies to digital versions. IMO they shouldn't have did it at all, but those who wanted it had the option, and if Sony just let them do it for free then they could have easily went to their Gamestop equivalent bought tons of used copies, and downloaded digital versions for free in which case Sony would have received NO PROFIT for their games.

But look at Sony now, PS1 games work on PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 all 3 very different architectures but you don't have to par a $1 fee for every time you want to move the game to another system.

What Nintendo is doing is BS, and as a gamer I don't want to see no one get screwed over by a company. When there's a sale going on I'm there posting it in the comment section especially if I find a better deal. That's all I'm doing here. If I didn't care I'd wouldn't comment and be like WTF ever it's not my money. But I do, so when I feel someone is doing wrong I'm going to call them on it.

Root2836d ago


Oh come off it man, why should people have to pay again. Seriously thats not cool

I know you like to stick up for Nintendo when ever you can but isn't one of those times.

kreate2836d ago

I bought startcraft back in 1997. It worked on windows 95,98,2000,XP,me,vista, and w a workaround, works on win7.

I didn't pay anything except back in 1997.
Right now is 2013. I still play it from time to time.

Sony doesn't charge to re-download digital games.
PSP deal was converting a physical umd to digital.

PopRocks3592835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


Because Sony simply let you transfer your PSP games to your Vita for free, right? Oh right, they didn't. Only Japan got that offer (which was not free, by the way) and fans in the West got jack.

And by the way, you're not buying the game over again, you're paying for the upgrade. You have the option of playing it free in Wii mode. But hey, facts don't matter, right?

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Dark_king2836d ago

People like getting ripped off it seems.They haven't had to do anything to the actually games.Just the emulator.

dedicatedtogamers2836d ago

The moment the Virtual Console came out for the Wii (and later, the DS), Nintendo should have done the right thing by giving us an account system. It's that simple. I have a large number of PS1 games on my PSN account that I can play on my PSP, my PS3, and on my PS Vita, all without re-buying any of them.

Yodagamer2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

You paying for an upgraded feature set, it's not like you have to upgrade to the wii u version. Considering the fact they have to go through the esrb it's adds cost, wish nintendo would just make their own to make it cheaper kinda like apple did, but idk if they're allowed to.

majiebeast2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

No reason for it to cost money sony didnt charge ppl for ps1 games on vita with fully customizable control scheme.

edgeofsins2836d ago

That is a bit different. It wasn't messing with the PS1 games themselves and the Vita kinda needed that so you could find what is suited better for it since it has no R2 or L2 by default.

Yodagamer2836d ago

Tbh the vita needs those customizable controls to be functionally playable for alot of ps1 game. The wii u on the other hand does not need the extra features. That's the difference, you pay for the extra functions that people want, not need.

Summons752836d ago

Oh a whole doller to add gamepad off screen tv support and miiverse, don't think I payed for those when I bought the wii version. Anyway, gAmeboy advanced on the virtual console tickled my fancy, hope they launch that section with Pokemon fire red and leaf green.

RandomEclipse2836d ago

A dollar for aditional features doesn't seem that upsetting at all. If you don't want to pay the buck, then don't.

This artlicle headline is misleading because it makes it seem like you have to buy the games you already bought from the store over again, and this is false. You are just buying the upgraded features.

mrbojingles2836d ago

It costs money to work in the Wii U features, therefore it costs money to get them.

Let's just tell Nintendo to spend millions of dollars inserting these features into 300+ games for free right? I'm not a fan of this charge but $1 or so is not bad.

legendoflex2836d ago

So it should cost me the same amount of money to get those features as anyone else.

Not $1 more in net costs.

mrbojingles2836d ago

I don't get it, do you actually have a problem with paying hard-working people who are updating the 300+ (hopefully) log of VC games, when they really don't even have to, $1 for some new features? So those people don't deserve any money, any reward? It isn't as simple as slapping a rom on a store. Sure, these people are making new games or doing anything incredibly unique, just updating old stuff but that still takes time, money, and energy

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