Awesome Wii U Miiverse drawings

"We've collected some of the most awesome drawings found on Wii U's Miiverse." - Wii U Daily

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CatXFlash2865d ago

Feel free to take a look at mines ^_^ I am getting the hang of things and getting better on the WiiU Pad its so much fun. Look me up if you like CatXFlash.

ElectricKaibutsu2865d ago

These people are too talented. They must be stopped.

MasterCornholio2865d ago

Now try drawing these with a capacitive touch screen.


mcstorm2865d ago

Lol Some of the stuff I have seen on Miiverse is amazing. I wonder it we will see another Mario Paint this gen?

Perjoss2865d ago

Kiara is awesome. Sandru also has great style. Machine3k is just in a class of his own, I also really like Lenny3D (?, he did a great aliens loader pic for the youtube community board)

The monster hunter board in japan miiverse also has some ridiculous talent.

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