Will Xbox 360 Users Finally Get To Have More Than 100 Friend Limit?

"The idea of giving gamers and users for the Xbox 360 more then a limit of 100 friends on their lists has been suggested plenty of times before. In fact there has been even more detailed ideas suggested from the community to have different sub-friends lists within in their main one. This includes so many ideas from nick names, notes on friends..."

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IAMERROR2827d ago

If they make gaming online free(like I think it should be) one of the many things they can do to make Gold worth the money could be expanding your friends list.

Kur02826d ago

so artificially adding value?

DOMination-2826d ago

I actually think gaming online might be free for next xbox. They'll still have gold but maybe more like ps+. I just think MS need to make gaming free because Sony fair play are offering a better deal and i know many people who are starting to notice and switch because of that.

MS have an established brand now. They can still make a lot of money with a different ecosystem imo. Interesting times :)

pixelsword2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


I'm a Halo Fan (I loved Halo more than Killzone up until the last iterations of each title, but Halo is a very, very, very close second) Gears to me is a more visceral experience than Uncharted (on a lot of levels they are the same, but being shot at by space aliens with thick as heck armor is more scary to me than being shot at with little to no armor by normal people), but if they'd just simply make live free, that's one of the big three I'm looking for to the next box purchase;

There are three for me:

1. Free live

2. 100Gb Blu-Ray (or something that can play blu-Ray but have their own high-capacity discs).

3. 100% backwards compatibility

Then you will have me for next gen, Microsoft.

nukeitall2826d ago

I disagree, I think XBL Gold should be paid premium service. It strengthens the community by having me meet people like me who plays enough to spend $60 (or $35 on sale) annually.

There are already free options and I don't think we need another free option. Keep it premium so we have more choices, free and premium!

TheGrimBunny2826d ago

I agree, you have such a better social network with Xbox Live, Party Chats, PS3 does not even come with a mic... you can watch Netflix with friends or recent players where you can view a mode where you and your friends avatars are in a theater, with the options of throwing popcorn at each other etc. (while you can still just go to full screen mode at any time).

Knight_Crawler2825d ago

Well said Nuke.

I have a descent job and $30 to $60 a year does not break my bank but I understand that there are people who cannot afford to pay for Live so they play on the PS3.

Its like good to have options and I think 7 years into this gen people know that playing online on the PS3 is free but they still prefer to pay for Live so gamers have voted with there wallet and dont mind payi8ng.

We can sit here an argue about which one is better pr why free is better but in the end we have an option and some people choose Live.

liquidhalos2826d ago

I would prefer it if they copied Sony and had free live with full multiplayer and then a payed live like PS+ that gave free game rentals and what not. Im starting to resent paying for live more and more the older i get. I feel like i get nothing from it. Well thats a lie i had a whole 20 ms points for my birthday, whoop :/

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iamnsuperman2827d ago

Who has 100 friends. You could just become more selective because realistically how often do people keep in contact with 100 people on Xbox live. But I guess if people want it Microsoft should do it

TheGrimBunny2827d ago

Plus Xbox Live members pay 60 bucks per month... they should at least have the option.

IAMERROR2827d ago

"Plus Xbox Live members pay 60 bucks per month"

Say what???

Irishguy952826d ago

2-3 dollers a month...if you know where to get it. I only get live for a month or 2 when there is a great exclusive out, last one was Halo 4.

Good_Guy_Jamal2826d ago

It's $60 (40 if you bargain hunt) per YEAR, not per month.
Bought my subscription for R300 for 14 months. That's $33 for a year and 2 months or roughly $2.40 per month.

ALLWRONG2826d ago

There are legit ways to get Live for free.

TheGrimBunny2826d ago

I meant per year and for that you should have the option of adding more then 100 friends regardless if you think you need/want that or not.

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QuantumWake2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

USUALLY if you've played a good game the player will send you a friend request just so they don't have to play with randoms all the time. That's what I do because I can't stand playing with that one random player who isn't that great and gets everyone killed. lol

I'd be nice to have the friends list support more than 100. I'm not sweating over it though.

omi25p2826d ago

Had LIVE of for nearly 6 years. I have 30 friends on LIVE i only talk to about 8 of them.

liquidhalos2826d ago

Same here, i took the plunge yesterday and deleted everyone i never game with. My list is looking real small now

LackTrue4K2826d ago

Lol.... I only have 99 on Facebook!! And like 30 on my PSN, aside from that. Like 1/3 of them are on my list on Facebook!! (I have a sad life)

DarthJay2826d ago

People that play competitively. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to delete people. It's actually incredibly easy to fill up 100 slots.

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SheaHoff2827d ago

If people want more than 100, go for it.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2827d ago

Personally, I don't need over 100 friends on Live. Though I don't see how it would be a problem to make that possible. Also I think it would be a good idea to add subs for our friend list.

TheSuperior 2827d ago

It would be cool if you could put your friends in folders.

Tres212826d ago

yea thats what i was thinkin so u could hav them placed in groups by the type of games u played with em

TheSuperior 2826d ago

Sounds like we are on the same page. When I look at my friends list it feels so cluttered. I only add people that I play with, know em for real or not, but sometimes I get confused when people start changing there tags and stuff and I forget who they are or what they will play with me x)

Tres212825d ago

yea ill just add ppl i play wit & i always accept req & when that fb app was workin i found alot of my friends i didnt even kno were on xbox & added them or tried cuz i hit the cap...usually i hav 2 go thru ppl's library & guess which games i played with em & i hav a few that change there name lik once a week which off topic is crazy cuz u could be gettin a new game.

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