Gun Commando [PlayStation Mobile Review] |

Ian Fisher writes: The style may not be suitable for those with a tea-bagging/Doritos/Code Red sensibility, but for people fond of older FPS games such as DOOM then Gun Commando is certainly worth checking out. Far from being short in the content department, Gun Commando delivers an experience that feels accurate for the era it’s trying to mimic and more importantly it’s simply a fun game to play thanks to the almost endless amount of replay and entertainment it provides.

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G20WLY2836d ago

This looks like a fun slice of retro cheese for me to enjoy on my Vita...

...As long as it's nice and cheap, of course - needs to be less than 5 :)

TongkatAli2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It is and buy it. I want you to have fun and you will have fun from this game, loving it.