Phrases Every True Gamer Has Heard

Gamers have their own language; whether it is just a word or an entire phrase. Over the years of gaming players have learned to catch on to these words and phrases and actually use them, or something similar, in games every day. When you join a few multiplayer matches, do you not hear the word “noob” screamed over your headset? After jumping from game to game with a group of friends, do they not accuse of lag once you have won a few in a row. It is things like these that not only annoy other gamers but it unites us as a community. If you are a gamer these words, phrases or thoughts have probably crossed your mind or that of the other gamers around you!

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TheSuperior 2831d ago

lol no mom I cant have dinner/ go anywhere with you/ get some fresh air/ anything else in the world because I have a clan meeting


campers... come out and pllllaaaayyyy

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2831d ago

Sometimes the unbelievable stories people tell are entertaining.

SheaHoff2831d ago

I've definitely heard quite a few of these hah

aHong2831d ago

I really didn't think this would pertain to me...until I read "Look at what you made me do!" You got me :P

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