Saints Row Would Be Better Without Dildos, Says Cliff Bleszinski

This afternoon Cliff Bleszinski–industry giant perhaps best known for his role as designer in the Unreal and Gears of War franchises–has been sounding off on what he thinks makes the Saints Row franchise great, and not so great.

Like dildos.

Gathered from a string of tweets on his Twitter profile, Bleszinski seems to think the franchise has great game mechanics–enough to “give GTA a run for their money”–but finds that their presentation is a little too “immature”, saying “[Battlefield] didn’t go after [Call of Duty] by putting dicks on their guns.”

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BALLARD322834d ago

I'd have to agree with Cliffy B on this one. Saints Row's whacky environment is what sets it apart from GTA but Saints Row 3 was just too over the top. Hopefully SR4 will be more like SR2.

LOGICWINS2834d ago

I played the timed trial and it was too over the top for me. Saints Row 2 was MUCH better since I could actually take the story and characters seriously, thus giving me an incentive to want to keep playing.

knowyourstuff2834d ago

Instead of giant dildos, Cliffy endorses enormous, hulking men with small heads and giant armour suits, who instead will bash people to death with their OWN penises.

BigStef712834d ago

I dont understand why people are disagreeing with you. Its a known fact that the majority of the Saints Row fanbase thought the third was garbage compared to SR2.
For the people saying the third was awesome, have you guys played the other games?

Wenis2834d ago

SR3 just seemed like it was designed by a bunch of middle school kids who think sex jokes are the funniest thing on this planet

ShinMaster2834d ago

Cars didn't fly like in SR2. And it would be silly to take their stories seriously in the first place.
SR2 was a bit too ghetto.

First of all, if you're quitting the gaming business or taking a break, then take a break and stfu. Cliffy's always running his mouth. And BF didn't go after COD.

Wenis2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

^Uh, BF totally went after COD. Look at how dumbed down and "mainstream" (aka CODified) BF3 is compared to BF2 and BF 1942.

hellvaguy2834d ago

"Cliffy endorses enormous, hulking men with small heads and giant armour suits, who instead will bash people to death with their OWN penises."

Half the men weren't actually hulking, they just had on armor and None had small heads. Also, you totally lost me on they beat people to death with penises.

I'm going to go with you've never actually played the game, knowyourstuff and your actually a stealth fanboy which didn't get the game on either the pc or ps3, so your just raging now.

Axecution2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Im just gonna go ahead and sacrifice my agrees and say that i had a ton of fun freeroaming in Saints 3 and overall liked it a lot. I had more fun playing co-op in Saints 2 but other than that i had way more fun with 3. The single player missions were just so over-the-top and epic. The opening mission says it all. Jumping out of a plane, freefalling, catching Shaundi, dropping her, shooting out the window of another plane and smashing through its window, catching another parachute, catching Shaundi again and then parachuting. lmao

Sure there was some immature stuff like dildos and whatnot that didnt really need to be there but the campaign was really good and for the most part didn't have that stuff.
And honestly, other than Dildos, there wasnt really any sex jokes. Just over-the-top stuff like that batmobile car and jets and the shark gun and stuff xD

But honestly all that just made freeroaming timeless.

Army_of_Darkness2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Yes, I finished SR2. But I just loved SR3! I personally find it better in every way! good graphics, game play, okay story and so over top but just pure fun overall!!!

MaxXAttaxX2834d ago

Bulletstorm was one huge dick joke.
Thematically, BF2 did modern combat before COD4.

Cliffy, please shut up.

Gamer19822834d ago

I liked 3 personally but the DLC SUCKED. 2 was better but it wasnt to do with the dildo bat. Nobody forced you to use it throughout the game (I think you had to use in 1 mission). The great thing about Saints Row is you play most missions how you want to play them.

No Way2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

My favorite Saints Row game was still the first game..
And, then the second game comes second, and the third.. third.

I did, in no way, care for the 'over the top' parts of the games.
Some of the wackiness was okay, but I still preferred it to be serious.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

I loved Saint rows the third. Everyone complains about the purple dildo. I in fact never equipped it once. I actually bought SR2 on steam but still have to play it. Either way I like SR the third. Playing it co-up makes it even better.

Mounce2833d ago


Strange....for I thought I remember seeing that SR3 was the most successful....and all I heard from all my friends who had bought it before me kept on saying how awesome it was and how you can just buy it and just get right in and don't need to play the other games. All positive things of it....

'Its a Known Fact' - . . . You should be a reporter and start using that line on a lot of things.

BigStef712833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Actually Saints Row 2 and the third were both very similar in sales and reception so neither one was more successful. Yea it was easy for newcomers to get in the game because volition completely neglected the story from the two previous games which to be honest was a slap to the face to the series hardcore fanbase. The third was way too over the top and got stale fast. SR2 had way better missions, activities, a better city by a long shot which had so many things to explore with a bunch of easter eggs, better characters, and the story if I would even call it one was garbage compared to previous games. All I am saying is SR2 had a good balance of being serious and crazy which is the reason the series got popular in the first place. The third lacked the charm that the first two had. If you go to the Saints Row online forums it will be very clear that the majority of the community doesn't like the third. Maybe for newcomers the game was fun but for the fans of the series previous installments the game was a huge disappointment. This Angry Joe review of the game will prove why my statement is valid:

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guitarded772834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

"Saints Row Would Be Better Without Dildos, Says Cliff Bleszinski"

Says the guy that endorsed Bulletstorm... geez.

da_2pacalypse2834d ago

No no... Says the guy who endorsed Sawed off Shotgun in Gears3.

Theyellowflash302834d ago

What does him endorsing BulletStorm, which was his job.... have to do with voices his opinion on Saints Row as a gamer?

guitarded772834d ago

@ Theyellowflash30

Have you not played Bulletstorm? It has just as many [email protected] jokes as Saint's 3. The dildo in SR3 is nothing more than a visual [email protected] joke... my comment was just saying it's the pot calling the kettle black, but I was also joking at the same time. You seem like a very serious person though.

Kurt Russell2834d ago

Bulletstorm was meant to be all dicks and whips... it was a blast to play through, albiet non replayable.

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Riderz13372834d ago

That's the whole point. It's not trying to be GTA, it's trying to be Saints Row. Get it?

BALLARD322834d ago

That's pretty much what I said but they took a great formula in SR2 and just did stupid things with it. Get it?

f7897902834d ago

There's no point in trying to be serious. They know what they're competing against and serve up something different.

Being serious is pointless because if people want that, they'll go with GTA. I loved Saints Row 3 because they intentionally made sure every mission was over the top ridiculous. It's for FUN! Not an engaging story.

Baylex2834d ago

Extactly!! f789790 says it all!
This is not a GTA, it's a Saints Row it always had the sense of humor that GTA never had and it never will. So what it has dildos? if you don't want to use then you won't use it.. if you want, then go ahead.
It can be a serious game or it can be a funny game, do what you like. It has those 2 options.
That's why I love Saints Row and prefer it over GTA a thousand times.

sobekflakmonkey2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I've played all the saints games, and 3 was my favorite, me and my brother played through on co-op and it was fuckn amazzinnggg, like one of my favorite games, I thought it was genius.

PS, we're both adults.

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J86blum2834d ago

SR3 was great. SR4 needs to keep uping the anti. If you want down play go play Grand Theft Auto. Saints Row knows what it is, GTA keeps jumping around trying to find a solid grounding. it went from wacky in San' Andreas to WAY to boring in GTA4 (graphics and engine physics don't mean nothing if it bores your sensless) And Cliffy B.. No he can talk and talk till the cows come home with his space trashcan men. and all the gears games were nothing special (when fans flip out in a game series when the double barrel shotgun gets introduce and its game breaking. then you did something wrong.)

Tonester9252834d ago

Grand Theft Auto had a purple dildo that you could slap people with lol

Baylex2834d ago

Yes this means Cliffy is just showing off...
I love Gears but he thinks is the best just because he made this games...

lategamer2833d ago

All the gears games were nothing special? Please. There some of the highest rated games this gen. Not only that, Gears 1 basically made TPS popular again on consoles, and its cover mechanics were a step up from previous games like Kill.Switch.

As for Saints Row. I love the franchise. Saints 3 was straight awesome. I LOVED the over the top action. Oh, an airplane is coming right at you? Shoot the windows, fly through it while shooting the fuck out of everyone, and jump out the back. Oh, your in a wrestling ring? Grab a chainsaw and cut people in half. The game constantly tossed crazy situations, and was plain fun. GTA IV was a boring, slow game. IMO, Saints > GTA/Crackdown/etc.

But I think Cliff has a point. Adding Dildo's to the game just seemed crude. It wasn't necessary and didn't really add anything to the game.

J86blum2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Another Gears Fanboy. (made TPS popular again..) Its called Resident Evil 4, Cold Fear, Killswitch, Windback,MAX Payne,Ratchet & Clank, Jax and Daxter, Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter. I swear Gears fans have blinders when it comes to third person shooters. All these games came before gears. And Gears brought nothing new, maybe annoying shake cam' which everyone hates. And as for cover system You can run through Gears on the hardest setting and not use cover. Go play Killswitch (the king of cover shooting.) and get back to gaming community.

And Cliffy B. is just talking to talk, he makes a comment about Saints Row 3 dildo, however none of the wild and zany stuff in Saints Row 1-2, or early Grand Theft Autos.

by the way, Bulletstorm, was Cliffy Bs' coming out of the closet game, and he has the nerve to judge anyone lol. Go mack another subpar game, and stop talking.

And the reason GEARS sold so well is cause Microsoft has crap for exclusives. they buy rights to DLC and first releases but cannot lock down a studio to save their lives. And what magic Cliffy had is gone. Gears 3 was a joke (and before anyone says well it sold well.) Well of course it did, you have Forza, Halo, and Gears. not tons of options in the way for exclusive fanboys to choose from.

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Pushagree2834d ago

He's one to talk. His games are the same base, barbaric, brainless drivel that give gaming a bad reputation.

BigStef712834d ago

100% agree with you. They need to go back to what made the first two games so great

palaeomerus2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Cliffy B isn't really known as a beacon of good taste in video game marketing himself. He's not the right person to lead this fight.


Marcus Fenix : " More like TEN shit loads!"

SilentNegotiator2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

SR3 lacked tact in general. They killed Johnny in 5 minutes, for crap's sake. The story was great up until they killed was like they took recognition of the irony and killed it in place of goofiness. It was a tad disappointing that Saints Row 2's excellent story telling didn't go anywhere with the ironic stuff, and neither did SR3.

garibubuprincess2834d ago

I don't think it was the over-the-topness that made SR3 a lesser game. For me, it was the lack of content. I don't think it would've been so disappointing if there was a build-up into the wackiness. Instead, it was ridiculous bullshit from the get-go, which just gets boring.

SilentNegotiator2834d ago

"it was ridiculous bullsh** from the get-go"

Whaaaat??? It's not like you blow up a building, jump out of a plane, and launch missile strikes in the first 2 hours.


showtimefolks2834d ago

I had a blast with SR2 but Sr3 was just all over the place and just too crazy.

Look I love the fact we can act crazy in SR series but a little bit of a mature tone would do wonders for it. Give us all the craziness but than also provide a proper story that makes sense and is fun to play

Hopefully now with a different publishers that will happen

koehler832833d ago

So you don't want anything to set it apart from GTA?

You just want it to BE GTA?

That makes sense.

Syntax-Error2833d ago

I loved SR3 and thought it was the best out of the series. I do also believe they have the power to rival GTA because the engine and mechanics are on point. The shooting and controls are top notch. The hand to hand combat destroys GTA in all areas. if they did do a game like Heat, Traffic, or Michael Mann production I think they would blow the roof off. Everyone's fav mission in GTA was the bank robbery if you do a story that's believable and engrossing, you have a hit. I love the customization as well. Playing as myself was such a blast.

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-Mika-2834d ago

Wow,that was really homophobic.

IAMERROR2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

It's Mika
That is all

though I gotta admit this statement was really dumb "“[Battlefield] didn’t go after [Call of Duty] by putting dicks on their guns.”"

TekoIie2834d ago

Really -_-

Nah your not being genuine, your a troll. No way can someone have such a horrible opinion/attitude towards as much as you do.

JoelT2834d ago

I still don't understand how you can go wrong with dildos.

On topic: Saints Row is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously and that's why its formula works.

RuperttheBear2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Sometimes they go in the wrong place, but usually it's a mistake ON PURPOSE. Sorry, I meant it's usually a mistake.

garibubuprincess2834d ago

I still don't agree with people who think that the tone itself is what made SR3 a disappointment. There was just clearly less thought put into it than SR2.

NovusTerminus2834d ago

I think SR3 over did it. But SR2 had a nice balance going on, and I really liked it allot more.

ape0072833d ago

100% agree but it's still a very nice and fun game, it's like gta's younger crazy brother

Enemy2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Gears of War would be better without boring gameplay, pointless stories, forgettable multiplayer and characters, and bro-parties.

Edit: It's now clear Cliff tries to put his traumatizing past which involves dildos behind him by making the most generic, laughably bad "masculine" bro game he could possibly make.

CaptainPunch2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Edit: never mind I got what you said, I feel like an idiot lmao

Also making an article on someone's tweets is sad.

omi25p2834d ago

Boring gameplay and forgettable multiplayer.

ok sure, what ever you say.