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In every genre there is one defining aspect which usually makes them stand out and defines them from all others. One specific element above all others which helps them to appeal to a certain audience. In Rogue-like games it’s the potential for failure and the sheer uphill battle you face, with fighting games it’s the ability to break out endless combos and air-juggle your opponent through the air for minutes on end, and in RTS titles it’s the potential for how thoroughly you can obliterate them. In RPGs of many subgenres it tends not to be the stats or combat which is the most memorable but the stories driving them forwards. Any story can make or break an RPG, especially in how the ending is handled as Bioware found out not too long ago, so what could be considered the best within the genre?

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gillri2832d ago

hmm no Mass Effect 1!?

sdozzo2831d ago

Dark Souls.... Extinguish that shit.

brettski2831d ago

No Chrono trigger, earthbound, valkyria chronicles, or final fantasy 6? Fail IMO