If EA Sports Made WWE '14... (Concept Video)

With the future of the WWE Games license up in the air, Smacktalks takes a look at what a possible WWE '14 game from EA Sports might look like.

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waltyftm2826d ago

That looked pretty good.

MxRBrobaFett2826d ago

Would be nice to see an actual career/story mode come back

NYC_Gamer2826d ago

EA would turn it into some arcade garbage with tons of dlc packs & online pass

thaimasker2826d ago

WWE 13 and 12 has DLC packs and online pass

Ezz20132826d ago

do you expect the gaming media to do any research first ?!

GadgetGooch2826d ago

Well its not exactly up in the air is it i knew Wednesday night that it had been snapped up by 2K, Do research and stop wasting my time with these pointless articles

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