LittleBigPlanet - 15 New Screens

The LittleBigPlanet experience starts with players learning about their character's powers to interact physically with the environment. There are obstacles to explore, bits and pieces to collect and puzzles to solve -- requiring a combination of brains and collaborative teamwork. As players begin to explore, their creative skills will grow and they will be ready to start creating and modifying their surroundings -- the first step to sharing them with the whole community.

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solar3888d ago

love it. can't wait to make some levels :D

Peekay3888d ago

yeah - makes me smile everytime....

Frances-the-Mute3888d ago

this might be my favorite upcoming game

ikiru33853888d ago

i already put this game on my list of must-haves. sony and ps3 fans ftw!

Alcaponeyou3888d ago

this game is gonna rock ur socks off.

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The story is too old to be commented.