Creator of FXAA says PS4 could be years ahead of PC, new Xbox may have memory bandwidth issues

Timothy Lottes, the creator of FXAA, is concerned about the next Xbox having memory bandwidth problems and thinks the next Playstation may be better designed for the future.

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WetN00dle692832d ago

Memory Bandwidth issues never stopped the Ps3 so i doubt it will be a big problem.

bicfitness2832d ago

PS3 had XDR RAM, the pool was just split. So I'm not sure what your point is. This - purportedly - has unified DDR5 architecture and no OS overhead to code through. You're basically sending instructions right to the components, CPU, GPU, on a base level. You can't even do that on PC, which is why this could be so awesome. MS - if we're following the same information - is going with a rather elaborate OS and doesn't care too much about performance as much as features: Kinect, Skype, etc.

Assuming any of this information is true it will be PS4/ PC > 720 > Wii U. With a clear distinction being made between PS4/ PC and the rest early on. Can't wait to see what gets revealed this year. We should have some answers soon.

dubt722831d ago

*cough* Skyrim *cough*

mandf2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

a badly coded game is a badly coded game no matter the system. a really bad example

Belking2832d ago

I guess we will see but there is no way in hell the next xbox will have bandwidth problems. The 360 didn't so i don't expect the next will. The amount of RAM is important but how you use it is even more. We don't know the final specs of neither. For all we know, they both could have 8 GB of RAM. Even if this is true there are ways you can make up for that issue just like sony did with the PS3.

bicfitness2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

If its DDR3, it will be as starved as the Wii U is for bandwidth. That's a fact. 360's saving grace was its EDRAM buffer.

"On this platform I’d be concerned with memory bandwidth. Only DDR3 for system/GPU memory pared with 32MB of “ESRAM” sounds troubling. 32MB of ESRAM is only really enough to do forward shading with MSAA using only 32-bits/pixel color with 2xMSAA at 1080p or 4xMSAA at 720p. Anything else to ESRAM would require tiling and resolves like on the Xbox360 (which would likely be a DMA copy on 720) or attempting to use the slow DDR3 as a render target."

Do read the article before posting next time. That's the pertinent excerpt since you can't be bothered.

Belking2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I did read it. I also know not to believe any rumors on the internet that claim they know what the actual specs and what type of RAM is being used. There is still no concrete proof of MS using DDR3. Its all just rumors. I'm not as naive as you and others are. And next time before you comment please read my entire post. I Clearly stated:

"Even if this is true there are ways you can make up for that issue"

And that is true. Console hardware and PC hardware don't have the same performances. This guy is talking PC performance. He is only speculating just like 99% of the whole internet is doing. The only people who can comment accurately are the ones who know the actual specs.

chukamachine2832d ago

As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend most of my days in frustration knowing damn well what I could do with the hardware, but what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont provide low-level GPU access in PC APIs. One simple example, drawcalls on PC have easily 10x to 100x the overhead of a console with a libGCM style API.”

That is what you should be interested in.

bicfitness2832d ago

Bubble for "helpful". I'd add one for "actually reads content prior to posting" too, if I could :)

MasterCornholio2831d ago

" this next Xbox will act like a boat anchor, dragging down the min-spec target for cross-platform next-generation games.”"

Yikes i hope it isn´t true otherwise multiplats will be dumbed down quite a bit to work on the 360.

FrigidDARKNESS2831d ago

I doubt any of this garbage is true nothing but hearsay.

mandf2831d ago

What did you create in this industry?

glennco2831d ago

he is a customer. gamers are required for this industry just as much as developers.

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