THQ Sale Over, Vigil Games, Darksiders Remain Unsold

Amidst the smoke, rubble and blood that was the THQ auction , one curious property remains unsold. Many are left wondering…why?

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AztecFalcon2831d ago

Darksiders 2 was a great game. This is sad news.

PrimeLantern2831d ago

Someone from Naughty Dog tweeted to them saying there were opening in their studio. That would awesome to see these guys go there.

Besides, I was hoping to see Darksiders 3 feature Strife.

Skate-AK2831d ago

#3 was supposed to have all the horsemen and 4 player co-op.

NovusTerminus2831d ago

That sucks... This is the one I was hoping would find a home... Damn...

smashcrashbash2831d ago

Well lets face it, it never sold very well.Obviously people aren't clamoring for it as much as people thought they would.People keep saying it is a great game but the buyers obviously don't seem to think so.

GusBricker2831d ago

...especially when SEGA bought Relic Entertainment for like 27 mil and I've never even heard of that.

Eldyraen2831d ago

Relic is mostly a PC developer with a few console titles under their wing. It was a no brainer someone would pick them up and Sega is a perfect fit as already has Creative Assembly games (another predominant PC rts dev).

Other than Blizzard, Sega now has one of biggest RTS markets out there (totally different types of games, but strategy still)--arguably bigger actually as Sega releases much more often and with more variety.

GusBricker2831d ago

Aww, no wonder I've never heard of them. Not a PC gamer at all. Thanks for the info!

grailly2831d ago

I think they also made the latest warhammer 40k game. which wasn't nearly as good as their pc games.

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The story is too old to be commented.