Top 10 Cancelled Games

Game development can be a touchy thing. With budgets, deadlines, and legal mumbo-jumbo to consider, there are a lot of games with immense promise that end up disappearing before they ever see the light of day. Here are ten of the most exciting projects that got cancelled before we ever got to play them.

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njpinkerton2827d ago

I absolutely agree that BC was one of the most "promising" canceled games. It was almost hard to imagine a game with that level of scale coupled with some of the most striking visuals we had seen from that console generation.

There were a couple murmurs floating around about bringing BC to the Xbox360, but that was all we heard <sigh>.

HammadTheBeast2826d ago

I have to say, it's kind of hard to make a "Top Ten" list of games that were never finished or played.

vork772826d ago

because i saw B.C. i really wanna see it happen but i guess it wont happen :(

Old McGroin2826d ago

Hopefully since the brand has been taken over by Disney there might be a change of direction and Battlefront might become a reality! I have absolutley nothing to back this up but here's hoping!

ironfist922826d ago

It was only a CGI vid, nothing in game

TekoIie2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Wow... *Watches again*... How in hell did that get cancelled?!?!

Looks freaking amazing!!! Would've been a day 1 buy from me assuming they could make gameplay that awesome!! With next gen approaching I can only hope :)

Tzuno2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I would loved to see Harker released that game looked bad ass. I still look forward for a Black 2 and killer instinct3.

doogiebear2827d ago

Sonic Xtreme. The only 3d Sonic that looked like it would get 3d done right.

mastershredder2827d ago

Sadness never even made it into game form. It was a barely more than a concept that was going nowhere and went nowhere.

Propeller Arena for the Dreamcast. Canceled after the 9/11 attacks because of dogfights in city and skyscraper settings. I really wanted to play that one to revisit the blast I had playing Wing War in the Arcades.

clevernickname2826d ago

Apparently there is an ISO of the complete or nearly complete Propeller Arena floating around.

Dark_Overlord2826d ago

There's an ISO of both the completed PAL and NTSC versions floating round (Thats if you know where to look ;) )

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The story is too old to be commented.