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joab7772836d ago

I wont spoil anything but i must say that Ubisoft caved with their story. Its a bit of a stretch to also release a dlc entitled King Washington. This is the same guy who didnt even want to be president and yet we know where they took the story. Its too bad too because in their effort to b pc, the story devolved into a convoluted mess and kinda ruined an amzing and gorgeous setting. In their efforts to find a protagonist that didnt take sides, they created the most boring assassin yet. It coulda been so great too because despit everything i still enjoyed playing the game.But do i want to buy dlc called king washington? Will he have a red cape and devil horns too?

Cam9772836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I personally preferred Aveline to Connor; however, if I were to list them all it would go: Ezio>Altair>Aveline>C onnor

0pie2836d ago

im really curious about this dlc.

El_Colombiano2836d ago

Weird. I thought this was timed exclusive for PS3 for whatever reason.

Good_Guy_Jamal2835d ago

Did anyone else read Tranny? Just me then?

ChipChipperson2835d ago

How many Brits are gonna start complaining about this game again?

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