Tomb Raider reboot isn't shit, but something new instead

Another reboot, but is it DmC all over again. Probably not as this is one game that comes out fighting fit.

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RaidensRising2834d ago

Another game where what the fans want is ignored in favor of pleasing casual players. A game which totally wants to be Uncharted with boobs.

Belking2834d ago

Without TR there would never of been Uncharted though. I don't mind them copying things from uncharted as long as they do it right. This game should do well.

ShadesMoolah2834d ago

There's nothing wrong with a mimic of Uncharted. Considering Uncharted felt like an evolution of Tomb Raider, this TR reboot seems rather fitting.

It might not be unique, especially for PS3 gamers, but if Tomb Raider is half as good as the Uncharted series, then Xbox gamers are in for a huge treat.

Thatguy-3102834d ago

What made uncharted a great series is the talent behind the characters that TR seems to not have. The great voice acting and chemistry is what makes uncharted so real and charming. However I will give TR props because the story revolving the game does seem intense and good. But yea hopefully it's a good game so others can get a small taste of why the PS3 public raves a lot for the uncharted series.

NYC_Gamer2834d ago

I believe publishers should just create new franchises instead of doing reboots of old ones since they ignore fans 99% of the time

ApolloTheBoss2834d ago

Same thing with movies. Have some originality for crying out loud.

Eamon2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

To be honest, my main problem is with how vulnerable Lara Croft is being made to be in this reboot. Where's the sexy badass we once loved back in the 90s!

Oh well, it's no where near as bad as DmC Dante. Will definitely be playing this game.

Genuine-User2834d ago

I consider my self a fan of Tomb Raider and I don't give a crap if the reboot doesn't include under water levels. Nothing wrong with regen health either.

Revolver_X_2834d ago

Agreed. If ppl were real TR fans, they'd know that Lara as a young adult got stranded and had to survive. Even the early games reference this event as to how she became the badass we all know. Ppl act like she's gonna be some school girl 90% of the game. Im willing to bet no more then 2-3 hours in the transformation will begin. I hope this game is successful, as a complete reboot to TR1 would be the next step. Sorry to the so-called true TR fans, Im really digging Laras new look. She actually looks like a real person. As if someone who looks like Angelina Jolie would really be raiding tombs, "C'MON MAN!"

EddieNX 2834d ago

Wow , that article title really caught me off guard. Hilarious...

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