Steam Box: Problems and Solutions

Splitkick: Controller-enabled games already fracture the PC gaming market; Linux gaming has improved in recent years from “God awful” to merely “nightmare of compatibility modes”. This isn’t a turnkey solution. The easy counterargument is that this is a chicken-egg problem: Linux gaming support is such a mixed bag because no major hardware platform exists for it. Since Steam Box is an open-ended marketing term, no single hardware platform will ever exist for it and console-level software optimization will never materialize.

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DERKADER2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Problem: A Valve branded "Steam Box" hasn't been revealed.
Solution: Wait.

sloth33952833d ago

the only problem I see is they might try to raise the price of games in general since it will need to be made compatible with another operating system

kevnb2833d ago

cant see them doing that, if prices rise it was going to happen anyway.

2833d ago