The PlayStation 4 Rumor Showdown: What to expect

Gadget Mill: So it is that time again folks; we are ready for the new wave of next generation consoles! With this excitement also comes many rumors, some true, some not so true and some being darn right stupid!

The PlayStation 4 has been the talk of the internet; with constant details popping up all over the internet. You should all know the scenario by now: “My friend has a friend who works for Sony and those infamous anonymous tips!”. Let me go through the rumors with you and tell you what we should all expect!

So lets jump straight into the rumors:

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wishingW3L2831d ago

what we should expect is the best console in the history of console gaming.

PS4isKing_822831d ago

I agree. I feel we're on the verge of another ps2 like gen from Sony.
It just feels like they're getting back on track with kaz and all the rumors lately just add to the notion that this next gen will be amazing.

And btw, I freaking love that concept ps4 model from the article!!

DivineAssault 2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yup! Its inevitable.. Look at how theyre structuring all of SEN.. Its becoming unified & PS4 will run it all slick as butter.. I hope the new controller looks good while allowing dual shock support as well for people who like the thumbsticks.. Mine slide off too so an indentation or smaller nubs would work for me

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Sony had the best console 3 gens in a row imo. 4th times a charm?

Qrphe2831d ago

It could be the best, or it could be the Dreamcast of Sony, or just performed relatively well, who knows!

I'm surely getting one.

ziggurcat2831d ago

what we should expect is nothing until we get an official announcement from sony.

KangarooSam2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

A 160gb hard drive is not that great. I know consumers will most likely be able to swap them out but consider this; a lot of people want something to be complete when they purchase it. Buying a 32 gb card, screen protector, etc. for my Vita was a bit of a hassle because of going to different stores and hunting it all down launch week.

160gb will NOT last a 10 year cycle for core gamers. Probably not even the first 2-3 years. I expect the first iterations of PS4 and 720 will probably have some issues like ylod and rrod but I know of people whose original PS3s are still going strong. So if that's the case and you expect your launch PS4 to last the next 7-10 years then how is 160gb anywhere near enough? I just got my PS3 and have almost filled the 250gb hard drive with a fraction of the content that has been released this gen.

Kaz Hirai himself has said that next gen blu ray discs (which are rumored to be used) hold 150gbs. If the first games coming out maybe fill 50-100 of that then once developers learn the ropes of PS4 they will start developing games closer to 150gb thanks to better graphics, AI, etc.

Mandatory installs could be 50+ gbs and what if you wanna go all digital next gen? At least give consumers the illusion of having enough space with a 500gb hard drive. I think most core gamers will have to replace theirs with at LEAST 1 - 2 terabytes.

Just MY opinion. I love Sony. And hopefully 8gb of ram will be enough. Okay, I'm done now lol.

showtimefolks2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

every day its rumors and articles about ps4 and xbox720. i can't wait for this madness to end. we know next to nothing since both companies have kept a tight lip about their new machines

my only hope is both console makers don't make 2 systems than no games for first 12 months after launch. on sony's end things have been quite with some of their studios so one has to wonder if sony already has atleast few AAA titles in process to launch with console

also MS has registered some new Domain name in last years or 2 so maybe they also have few games that they can not only show at e3 but release with their new systems

people are so excited that Nintendo announced a lot of stuff but why are people over looking the fact none of the games they announced had a trailer,screen shot or a release date so at the earliest maybe 2014 for most of those titles.

i hope sony/ms are better prepared to give incentive to those who buy their machines day one at full price

4-8GB ram
atleast 500GB hard drive
a lot more focus on cloud saving/could based games
systems can do 60 frames per second
full 1080P with locked 60FPS

and a good graphics card, also make the systems easy to develop for

simple way for success

Qrphe2831d ago

1080p is buyable but locked 60fps? I'm sure this will not be the focus of most developers.

showtimefolks2831d ago

Well maybe not every game but I think moving forward a lot more games will try to achieve full 1080p with 60FPS.

Also let's not just look at ps4 and next Xbox only for 2013, if this gen is any sign Han both of those systems will be here till atleast 2018-2019 and maybe we won't see new consoles till 2020 lol damn.

So some of the text in next playstation and Xbox has to be a little future proof, I know consoles can't compete with pc but atleast try to pack in as much punch as a $400-500 system can offer. I also believe both ms and Sony will look to make a profit on the system from day one

Also my guess is price point will be at Mac $449 and as low as $399. I think we will not see either ms or Sony even come close to $500-600. Sony is in too much red as is so hats why I said a profit is a mist from day one

deadlydragon1212831d ago

That sounds about right, although I do not agree with the 500GB hard drive. That is way too much for a console; especially if a cloud based system is in place. I'm assuming you would get a 160GB hard drive and cloud based storage too - for PS+ subscribers.

CommonSenseGamer2831d ago

As much as I'm looking forward to all the official announcements I can wait and not get caught up in the hype.

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