The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition is Completely Sold Out Online

Say it isn't so! The very recently announced Post Pandemic Edition for the hotly anticipated video game The Last Of Us has already been listed as out of stock on the Gamestop website.

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Root2837d ago

If there smart they hopefully have saved some copies for the rest of the world

You every ND fan have the chance to buy it

Thatguy-3102837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Was going for the survival edition but seeing how this is selling well I'm kind of eager to pre order it in store tomorrow myself. But I really want the art book. Don't see why didn't they just included also

Root2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Well good luck to you...hope you can pre order it

I just can't believe with one of the most anticipated titles they can't give this edition to UK/Europe.

ND said many factors come into what goes into the editions but then SCEE said ND are the ones to aprove it.....yet ND also said it's up to the SCEE what goes into an edition

I honestly wouldn't mind if we didn't get the statue BUT what factors make it so that the rest of us get

A SMALLER artbook
NO Steelbook


Instead of giving us Joel and Ellie themed stuff they've separated them into two editions. What the is that fair to a collector

Oh not to mention instead we get a crappy LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC costume and a crappy Controller skin. I'd rather take a bigger artbook, comic and steelbook over those.

I just wished more people complained, it's not just about this edition but it makes it so this dosen't happen again in the future.

Someone started a forum on the Last of Us blog, if anyone wants to support it

Just sign in with your PS3 account...very easy or you can voice your complaints on the blog...probably useless but you never know unless you try

th3n00bg4m3r2837d ago

@Root I will import the survival edition, but I am still mad at Sony.

Root2837d ago


I would of done the same but it's sold out now

Besides what bugged me is that it's huge, the import tax would be ridiculous, then there's the shipping.

You also have to think about it getting damaged or if there's a fault with it.

For me though it's that the DLC codes wouldn't work.

th3n00bg4m3r2837d ago

The Survival Edition too? F**********CK!!!!

Nimblest-Assassin2837d ago

You can buy the art book of amazon for 40 bucks. The statue however is exclusive and worth 200

I pre ordered post pandemic because you can buy the art book whenever

Also I had flashbacks of borderlands 2 Ce and told my self never again

It's actually cheaper to import it to Canada than if it was sold here due to taxes

Also the statue will probably be high quality since triforce collectibles made it

Good luck to you though

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Crazyglues2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

OMG! this sucks...

I was just getting ready to get it.. I mean wow, I just found out about it yesterday...

Dam U Gamers...!!! I didn't even have a chance to hit add to cart.. WTF?

Come on'..! Really?

What did Naughty Dog only make 3 of these..? How can it be sold-out already... Really?

Wow.. I guess I will go back to getting the standard edition with all the other mortals.. LoL -oh well O_o

-I'm still excited about the game, it's looking amazing, can't wait to play it.. standard will be just fine..


Root2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I think they should of told people in December they were going to do a CE, told us the details and said it would be up to pre order in January. More people would of known then

Hopefully then more people would of complained about it not being released in Canada, UK, Europe etc

Seriously it's not like the Uncharted 3 Explorer edition did crap, it sold out straight away.

If it was a Gamestop exclusive then I don;t know why they don't spilt the editions and give them to Gamestop EU, Gamestop UK for example

Hanso2837d ago

seems to me The Last of US will sell a ton
i mean seriously this Edition is already out of stock ?!

andrewsqual2837d ago and are going to be doing the statue separately so it will actually work out cheaper to get one of the character editions and the statue and still be cheaper than the Pandemic one.

Root2837d ago

Really....where did you hear that

They still could of done a bundle together....what about the steelbook.

I don't know if it will work out cheaper.

The Ellie edition is 59.99, the statue would be a lot so it would come to about £80-90.

The Post Pandemic edition is roughly £101 and they get a steelbook, soundtrack, the full sized comic book. So really in a small way it's actually making us pay more

I find this hilarious, they did the same with the Little Big Planet 2 collectors edition despite MM being a UK developer. Want to know why they did it....because they wanted you to buy all the stuff in the US CE separate in the UK...making us pay more.

Alcohog2831d ago

This is incorrect. The statue will be available and will cost over $200 FYI.

rainslacker2836d ago

I just pre-ordered one at the store less than an hour ago. I think this is only on-line for the time being.

The_Devil_Hunter2835d ago

I managed to preorder. Wow I feel really lucky!

I hope its worth it when I get it.

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Lucreto2837d ago

That was quick alright. It must have been truely limited.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2837d ago

Lol Sold out? You would think it's call of duty. Glad to see people hyped for this game!

Ezz20132836d ago

what we have seen so far from the last of us ...put the hype level to the moon

Thatguy-3102837d ago

Well remember how limited was the uncharted 2 one? Till this day I dream of owing that dagger!! God how I envy people that have it.

Ezz20132836d ago

i have the dagger BTW hehe

strigoi8142837d ago

i think they only made 1 and post 1 and ran sold out..lolz

PraxxtorCruel2837d ago

What amount did gamestop order? 10?

TheGamingArt2837d ago

still waiting on all of the collectors to be posted on amazon....

Thatguy-3102837d ago

They won't its gamestop exclusive.

TheGamingArt2837d ago

Not according to In the comments it's noted :
+ Mick Perona on January 22nd, 2013 at 2:05 pm said:
Affirmative! The Survival Edition should be up on to pre-order very soon!

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