The Last of Us Demo Bundled in with God of War: Ascension

"Those who buy God of War: Ascension (which comes out in North America on March 12 and in the UK on March 15) will be the first lot of people who will gain access to a demo of Naughty Dog's upcoming title; The Last of Us."

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hennessey862865d ago

How many people will play the last of us demo before they even bother with god of war?.....

NukaCola2865d ago

Not gonna lie. Going to play TLOU first, then start God of War.

DatNJDom812865d ago

I'm gonna play GOW first. I waited to long for that. The wait is killing me. The multiplayer was so ADDICTIVE!!! I really didnt think they would pull it off, but SSM has made me a believer ala Naughty Dog. The Last of Us demo will be rocked as well, but I kind of want to wait so that when I do get the game, it is all fresh to me. Oh who am I kidding, Im gonna rock the heck out that demo.

ABizzel12865d ago

As if there wasn't enough of a reason to buy God of War.

There is now a sticky substance in my pants.

Skips2865d ago

Same here. Would be the same if it was switched around too.

God Of War Ascension demo bundled with The Last Of Us. I would play the demo first of course. LOL

guitarded772865d ago

I'm not even going to play The Last of Us demo. I have avoided almost all news and gameply vids of the game shortly after announcement. I was sold very early on... If I get a beta code, I'll probably just tweet it and watch everyone get pissed once someone claims it. I'm also avoiding everything Beyond... I'm sold on that game too, and want to play it from a pure unsaturated standpoint.

Ezz20132865d ago

check this new pic for the last of us from the gameplay

Psycho_Mantis2865d ago

Not going to lie either. Two games that ive been waiting a while for. Im just going to play TLOU just because its a demo first and demos dont last too long and because my hype for the game has went trough the roof. And then play GOW! :D

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Godchild10202865d ago

Why not play the game you won't have for the next 2 months first.

This is a great way to cross promote.

aceitman2865d ago

last of us then story mode of gow then multi.

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Ezz20132865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

i'm all for god of war ascension and will play it 200 time
i'm a huge GOW fanboy

but i will try the last of us demo first ...i just don't have the well to control my self

i want to taste DAT Incredible AI

sourav932865d ago

But without your well, how're you going get water? xD

Tetsujin2865d ago

My $60 demo came with a free game! /s

TheFallenAngel2865d ago

The last of us will not be better than God of War. I'll probably play the demo after I get my platinum trophy.

Dwalls11712865d ago

Sorry Dude God of War Comes First!!!!

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THC CELL2865d ago

It would be funny if Sony said the demo unlocks after finishing god of war

ceballos77mx2865d ago

But on the hardest difficulty.

Cloudberry2865d ago

Or after obtaining Platinum trophy, lol.

SAE2865d ago


mandf2865d ago

It's actually a great idea. It means that some who don't finish games will just for the demo. Well said.

ginsunuva2865d ago

People who don't finish games won't probably care about a demo.

patriotZero2865d ago

First Last of us demo then turn off the console

Riderz13372865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


mandf2865d ago

The game hasn't been rated yet so your comment reeks of fanboyism.

Silly gameAr2865d ago

So, you're going to buy GOW just to play The Last Of Us demo? In that case adding TLOU demo was a good move.

TheFirstClassic2865d ago

A whole game just to play a demo???

I just played throught gow 1-3 for the first time and I thought they were all amazing games, gow 3 especially blew me away from a scale perspective, and the beta for Acension's multiplayer has been really good. I'm looking forward to this game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Why would you pay $60 for a FREE demo? If you don't like GOWA then just don't buy it and wait until TLoU demo hits the PS store for FREE. No need to do something silly like paying $60 for a FREE demo lol.

patriotZero2865d ago

I didn't say to buying GOWA

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ZoyosJD2865d ago

Just preordered both. The anxiety is already killing me.

stone_cold2865d ago

any one knows the demo will come with god of war:ascension (normal edition) or i should pre-order it ?

sourav932865d ago

It said it'll be with all copies of GOW:A. So Buying it after it releases shouldn't be a problem. But I'd pre order just in case. Heck, WHY haven't you pre-odered it already in the first place?

stone_cold2865d ago

thanks for your your reply,no i pre-ordered "the last of us" only not yet "GOW:A"

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