New Two Worlds screens

Reality Pump's new action-rpg title looks a lot like Oblivion, but in a good way.

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TR0N4486d ago

look great, the characters models are sub par. hopefully it will be a good game.

USMChardcharger4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

go to the offical web site. once you read more about this game your hope will be high for this one.
some great ideas. i believe you will be able to from a party with other players. i may be wrong on that.

Anerythristic264486d ago

This game is the kinda game I like. We need Oblivion type RPG games. It looks early in development.

The Milkman4486d ago

The graphics arent impessive at all compared to oblivion from the looks of these screen shots. But maybe it still packs some good play.

USMChardcharger4486d ago

like i guys go to the offical web site and see things in motion and get the background story for the game. you may put this on your list.