Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming to PSN Next Week

R* writes:

'Ever since the releases of San Andreas for PSN and Vice City for iOS and Android, we've received more than a few requests from the community wondering when they'd be able to touch down at Escobar International and return to the neon-lit streets and sun-splashed shores of Ocean Beach on their PS3s. Today, we can confirm that it won't be long now'

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iamnsuperman2827d ago

They really should release these for the PS Vita as well but I welcome this news

Emilio_Estevez2827d ago

It's probably just a matter of time/logistics.

nevin12827d ago

Or the fact they won't to release GTA Vita game 1st then announce that the PSN version of GTA 3/VC/SA could now be bought on Vita.

violents2827d ago

Does anyone know, are these HD remakes or are they just straight ports? I would still be fun to play either way but an HD remake would make vice city look soo much better at this point.

SolidStoner2827d ago

are you sure? It will look not so good on these new big screens............

TooTall192827d ago

go on psn and download san andreas. its a ps2 classic which are straight ports

violents2827d ago

that sucks I have a huge tv and straight ports to hd res on a big tv make them look blurry and weird sometimes.

E2S2827d ago

WHich is why I don't buy them. They look very off on a big flat screen. Maybe they'd look good on Vita though.

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The story is too old to be commented.