Capcom’s Sorry Dark Arisen Is A Full Game, But Dragon Dogma Owners Will Get Stuff reports on Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. The expansion will not be available without the full game, despite attempts to make it so for original owners. Capcom said they're sorry, but they want consumers to know they've packed in some goodies for those that already own the original Dragon's Dogma.

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b_one2396d ago

i smell a lie here...

Godmars2902396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Or just Capcom Standard Operating Procedure...

No. Mean that they've been doing this since the arcade days with Street Fighter II: Hyper/ultra/mega/SD/Super edition. Megaman Network for the gameboy was literally being shoved out on a monthly basis.

It doesn't matter that the industry in general has adopted DLC as a method to prolong a single game's life, Capcom will

b_one2396d ago

:D McGee Urban Dictionary to the rescue

Viper72396d ago

Yeah, the do this with pretty much every monster hunter game.

BattleAxe2395d ago

"Capcom’s Sorry Dark Arisen Is A Full Game, But Dragon Dogma Owners Will Get Stuff"


iamnsuperman2396d ago

I agree something smells fishy here but I guess they are giving content to those affected (I haven't played Dragon's Dogma so I have no idea if it is useful)

Daavpuke2396d ago

I think it's more a justification than anything else. Perhaps they could've just called it a GOTY edition or something, but then people would still ask for the exclusive content to be available separately. Sucks people that own Dragon's Dogma are basically paying for additional currency and stuff, but it's something, I guess.

Baka-akaB2396d ago

I dont care , DG is the one capcom game that is worth going through their shenanigans

Servbot2396d ago

I have to strongly disagree here. I really enjoyed Dragon's Dogma, but Capcom asking $40 for what will more than likely amount to $10 worth of DLC is ludicrous. People like us who supported this new IP are getting blatantly ripped off. I won't tell you not to buy it, but I hope you realize that you're encouraging them to do the same thing for future releases.

Godmars2902396d ago

Except they keep doing crap like this, because gamers such as yourself give them a pass on occasion.

MagneticDeath2396d ago

Game looked real cool but never got around to getting it so I will be picking it up, sucks for those who already bought the game at launch. Way to screw the people who supported your new IP.

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