The Prank Email Sent to Major News Outlets Regarding Next-Gen Xbox.

Check out the full email from one gamer who was so sick of all the speculations and rumors that derive from anonymous sources, insiders and analysts that he wanted to seek revenge. How? Start a rumor of his own and have it spread all over some major sites. He did just that. Read more..

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RamsesNum12835d ago

This is pretty disappointing. Although, cant really blame the press. Everybody is looking for news about next gen. Sony and Microsoft refuse to say a peep so leaks like this are what people depend on.

ziggurcat2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

disappointing, how? not attacking, just asking :(

@ reply below:

i think it's more disappointing that the press can take unsubstantiated, unconfirmed rumours, and report them as fact.

and i think it's more disappointing that people keep taking what they see on pastebin, and reddit as fact as well.

what the press/gaming "journalists" need to do is just sit back and shut the **** up until sony/MS make their official announcements.

3-4-52835d ago

Yes you can blame the can and should.

They are the ones who are supposed to know better.

RamsesNum12835d ago

Disappointing that a person could just fool the press like that.

Riderz13372835d ago

The press wants to be fooled. Soon as they get any info on next gen consoles they go and write articles in hopes that their website gets hits.

No4Love2835d ago

Well press shouldn't talk about everything they hear...

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Npugz72835d ago

All the specs that have been released for the PS4 and 720 are false. The only one who knows them are the people building them at microsoft and Sony

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