XBox360Fanboy: Epic looks to Gears fans for input on the sequel

XBox 360 Fanboy writes; While making the daily internet rounds XBox 360 Fanboy stumbled across an intriguing little survey that's posted over on asking fans' opinions on a few Gears related questions.

The survey (which can only be accessed using a Windows LIVE ID) is ever so interestingly titled "GOW 2 Survey" and asks various questions about a player's likes, dislikes and favorites regarding the Gears franchise. Questions including "What's the best OMG moment from Gears 1?", "Which multiplayer mode dominates your time online?" and "Which Delta Squad member would you want to have your back?"

It's quite obvious to us that Microsoft and Epic want your opinion on what makes Gears so special and will probably use the data gathered to make Gears of War 2 more of teh hawtness. Data that will hopefully tell them we want more Torque Bow, more Boomers (their "BOOM!" chant is hilarious) and more Seriously-style achievements.

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Lord Vader3913d ago

Excellent. All Gears fans should take the survey, takes about 30 sec's.

It is Your Destiny.

socomnick3913d ago

What I want from Gears 2 is a replay feature and a kill cam I cant even begin to count how many omg moments I get when I play gears. Being able to capture those moments and share them would be awesome. I also want destructible environments.

wageslave3913d ago

How about a gun turret from whatever vantage point showed all those thousands of locust.

Just like the first game when the locust came into the Fenix Mansion from below you (and you had to snipe as many as you could), then fight your way out of the mansion.

That is as good a videogame experience i've ever had.

If it were expanded in scope - I'd be very happy.

boodybandit3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I want more weapon variety, 16 players online, possibly vehicles online (mods to support this), a kill cam (?).

Oh and test it thoroughly enough to limit the glitches / cheaters out of the gate.

TrenchaunT3913d ago

Uh, it kind of sounds like you want Halo 3. Maybe you should go buy that.

boodybandit3913d ago

I just want everything Epic can give us on top of what they already have. I like kill cams and I definitely want more than 4 on 4 this time around. At least make it 6 on 6. And more online modes would be nice.

I played Gears 3x longer then I did Halo 3 on the 360. It just grew boring playing the same maps over and over. I was hoping Epic would have released more content thrn they did. I wish all developers would.

Sorry I had an opinion.

chester3913d ago

i'd like to see some 8 on 8 or 6 on 6 as well, but for them to also keep the 4 on 4. i loved the smaller teams as each guy needed to do their jobs and teamwork is more amplified in small teams, i think.

Ri0tSquad3913d ago

Regardless, I hope it helps!

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The story is too old to be commented.