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GodisaGeek: "The biggest problem is the price. Asking a whopping £34.99 for this title is simply too much – this is the slightly enhanced port of a six-year-old game that was hardly cutting edge when it was originally released, and even with the solo and multiplayer modes adding longevity and replayability, charging the same price as a new AAA-title seems a little suspect. However, that being said, EDF 2017 is incredibly enjoyable and very playable – just don’t go into it expecting a great deal of depth."

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punkandlizard2834d ago

yeah I feel that also it's a pretty steep price tag, there are so many games out now that are cheaper but play/feel like full priced games, Stranger's Wrath being one of them.
Great game and great review.

MJF2831d ago

It's a real shame, because that price will put people off and cause them to miss out on a little gem. Glad you liked the review!