Who reviews the reviewers?

The Vita Lounge's guest author, Galvatron asks a few questions and raises some points on the state of the games reviewing industry.

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T3MPL3TON 2831d ago

"Who reviews the reviewers?"

Nobody.. and this is why games that suck end up getting bs praise from paid reviewers and games that are actually good go by the way side.

SolidStoner2831d ago

in the end gamers who are really into games, are doing they're research by themselves not relying on reviews, but using them only as a gampeplay videos...

admiralvic2831d ago

People understand that every reviewer is a little different and they're all nothing more than opinion, right?

If you don't like a reviewer, just ignore them.

mamotte2831d ago

Gamers do.

That's right, we're f'd.

-Gespenst-2831d ago


*Puts gun in mouth*

cyclonus0072831d ago

I dunno. The Coast Guard?

ginsunuva2831d ago

Game reviewers are a bunch of failed college kids and we let them control the industry for some reason, and companies kiss their asses for their bs scores.