Lost Planet inspired by Halo

Lost Planet is Keiji Inafune's answer to Halo, the Capcom producer has said.

Speaking to Kotaku recently, Inafune revealed that he originally pitched the game to Capcom bosses as his take on Bungie's seminal first-person shooter.

"I really wanted to do something as cool as Halo," he said. "I'm a big Halo fan, but it's not well known in Japan. It's very interesting, but very American."

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BURLY5907d ago

Other franchises may have sold more due to the fact that those games were available to larger install bases but Halo fans "voted" with the strongest intensity when they made the Halo 2 launch the biggest single day entertainment launch in the history of mankind.

Never before, have game retailers (including huge multi-product electronic stores) opened their doors at midnight and hosted parties of the scale of Halo 2's launch. And think ---- JUST FOR A GAME!

Now, I don't have any doubt that Lost Planet will be a good game but I fully expect Bungie to obliderate all previous offerings on the 360 and all pathetic offerings that the PS3 tries to put out there - with Halo 3!

The bottom line is that it is Bungie we are talking about and Halo 3 will be on a scale never before thought possible. Sooner or later even PS3 fanboys will all hail the Chief as the master of his domain! FPS's will be owned once again!

SDS Overfiend5906d ago

ummmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

There it IS.

DC RID3R5906d ago

no one can take that from MS. NO-ONE!!!!

Ravenator5295906d ago

Its kind of cool that Lost Planet almost never came into existance!

But the developers really believed it could be a great title and IMO the demo, screenshots, and previews speak for themselves!

calderra5906d ago

The story of Lost Planet is the story of redemption for the Japanese game market. TGS-goers from the past few years had to watch as Japan became much more island-centric in the years leading up to 2006. If it wasn't Japanese (as in by Japanese for the Japanese market), and it wasn't FIFA or GTA, it wasn't even on the radar.

And this is basically different in the entire rest of the gaming world. North America and Europe already share a lot of tastes (RTS and shooter- most of the rest of Asia is even onboard here too), but both of them demand Japanese content too. The more styles of games from the more regions, the better.

If Lost Planet can be one foot in the door, we'll all be better for it. Can we get some of the crazy niche Japanese games in return?

(I want Metal Wolf Chaos, for example. Play as the President of the Unites states who, to fight terrorism, has suited up in a giant mech and decided to kick their asses anime style. C'mon!)