Tom's Hardware: Guitar Rising First Impressions

Guitar Rising plays just like it sounds; like Guitar Hero with a real guitar. The graphics are pretty rudimentary at this point without the polish of Guitar Hero and Rock Band - there are no rendered characters or effects - but what's important is that they've gotten their premise to work.

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Skerj3940d ago

I want that game so much.

beoulve3940d ago

me too, I hope it come to PS3 or xbox 360 too. Those hook up to my big screen and I rather play it there.

TheIneffableBob3940d ago

I doubt it'll ever come to the consoles. The console audio systems are probably prohibitive to this sort of thing, and licensing would likely be too expensive.

beoulve3940d ago

it said USB audio device, PS3 and XBOX 360 fully support that, btw I dont want a full tower on my living room, i need to build a media PC but I'm lazy and don't want to spend another $500 building one.