Disney warned film-makers that future movie assets could be exposed by Disney Infinity hackers

Earlier this week, revealed that a new version of Disney Infinity is due to be released every year, with each new version containing the data required for the following 12 months' worth of content.

However, some of that content, Disney tells, could be related to future or unannounced movie releases, and therefore open to being exposed by hackers data-mining the disc.

"That's something that we've made the film-makers aware of," Disney Infinity's executive producer John Vignocchi tells

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Y_51502837d ago

Could this mean we could finally have a sequel to The incredibles? :)

Neonridr2837d ago

I would always welcome some more Fro-Zone!

Summons752836d ago

Maybe the monsters inc sequel was much welcomed :) cars nd its sequel were stupid but I could enjoy and incredibles 2

SilentNegotiator2836d ago

I feel like Monsters Inc. should stay a standalone. It focused on the relationship of monsters and humans/kids and at the end it all tied together really nicely - no loose ends what-so-ever.

Incredibles having a sequel is a no-brainer. There's a major setup for a 'rise of the superheroes' story.

Pandamobile2836d ago

I remember hearing that an Incredible sequel has been planned since the original release of the movie, but Brad Bird is just waiting for a script that he likes before he gives the go-ahead.

stuntman_mike2836d ago

I'm glad their honest that their gonna milk this franchise to death and make people pay for on disk DLC. Refreshing!

Gamer19822836d ago

Doesnt say DLC but there may be stuff on the disc like info of upcoming movie sequels they don't want to release yet. Or with patches they add in the future with the DLC included people can use to find this info. As nowadays with DLC you actually already have the DLC on your console in most cases you just "activate it" when you pay so you can pay and play. No downloading needed thanks to a patch. This patch is necessary in most cases to play online with people who have the DLC already thats why it was pre-installed.

morkendo232836d ago

the REAL!!!!!! question is why!!!! was info on upcoming movies not seen yet on the disc. from the beginning. was this done intentionally. this is not how Disney run.
I believe a hacker stubble on to-this hidden info.

kesvalk2836d ago

you unlock the content by putting the respective statuette on the reader.

the entirety of the game is like a giant DLC package.

Axecution2836d ago

It sounds like they're literally asking people to find the content on the disc...

SilentNegotiator2836d ago

It's like Mickey mouse whispering in hackers' ears: "PSSST! Hack the game! Create hype for us and get a name on the internets"

dee-ecks2836d ago

dude, get outta my brain!!!

Tres212836d ago

o u kno they r & they're gonna gauge ppls reactions wit a mix of fake & real things

Outside_ofthe_Box2836d ago

Exactly what I was thinking when I read the title.

pr0t0typeknuckles2836d ago

just please make incredibles 2.

AusRogo2836d ago

I may be 20, but if we get an Incredibles sequel, I will squeal like a 5 year old.

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