PS4 ‘getting ready’ for possible May Reveal date

Sony’s vice president of home entertainment, Hiroshi Sakamoto, hinted at the announcement of the PS4 during an interview with Emol (translated).
Sakamoto spoke about “a new announcement related to the new PlayStation.” He also said that the news is “still a big secret” and that the PlayStation side of Sony, “are getting ready for it.” Hmm, all very cryptic and ambiguous, but with all the rumours that have surfaced over the last couple of months, one can only suspect that he is talking about the next PlayStation, even though he did not outright mention it.

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iamnsuperman2836d ago

Not really a launch but an unveiling. I could see it if they have to which I think they do. At E3 they have the Vita to sort out and by revealing the console before they could do a Nintendo and concentrated on some other aspects of it (I say Gaikai and how that will interact with both the PS4 and Vita with of course other games)

asmith23062836d ago

I can't wait for an announcement about the PS4 purposely because of the amount of rumors and articles that have been doing the rounds, especially in the last three weeks. I know Sony won't disappoint me on the hardware side so I just want to hear about the next-gen PSN, PS+, Gaikai, etc. I want to see the services side of the next PS4. I really hope they keep PSN free though.

JoGam2835d ago

I just hope it further along and we don't have to wait for 2014. I remember how I felt when they showed the Vita then announced early 2012 for the US. I was so pissed.

Cryptcuzz2835d ago

I honestly thought that was funny. Why did you get so many disagrees>? Some just got to take it easy with their hobbies I guess.

The Great Melon2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

If only this were a Nintendo article this would have been an epic comment. Regardless, a gif is required now.

IAMERROR2836d ago

I'm getting so sick of Next-gen rumors, I just want to see it happen already lol

Gamer19822835d ago

Ms and Sony know we all know there's a console coming out this year so whats the point of keeping it secret any more?

Well actually to answer my own question there playing with each other waiting for one to announce so the other can announce there's with a bit more RAM or a slightly earlier release date. They want one to release details before the other so they can then 1-up them. Who loses with this? We all do.. as it will probably lead to non-parity multi-platform games once again the upcoming nex-gen.

Mr_cheese2836d ago

I'm expecting the PS4 to be a new era for not just the playstation but Sony as a business by creating a brand/ design/ appeal that is synonymous across the whole Sony product range like they have already started to do.

BitbyDeath2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

All aboard the N4G hype train!

AngelicIceDiamond2835d ago

Knowing how this site acts I'm surprised MS isn't tied down to the train tracks.

BitbyDeath2835d ago

Sorry to disappoint, i'm at work so had to rush it ^_^

N4GDgAPc2835d ago

I heard a rumor ps4 is going to be revealed next week!..

Wait... no in 2 days!

No Tommorrow

Sorry we were wrong from our sources but this time we got legit rumors. There going to reveal it in May!

all these rumors is getting pretty bad. Not even ps3 was this bad.

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Shanks2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Fix the title, it should be May announcement.

Vettur2836d ago

First of all, it's the title of the actual article, and secound, it's not possible to change after the post is approved.

steve30x2836d ago

The rules of posting a news story states that you use the original news story title so changing the title of this is not optional.

THC CELL2836d ago

I think they will show off the cloud gaming one day ps4 the other

Lucreto2836d ago

1. Announce in May with a few tech demos and some small features.

2. At E3 talk about Gaikai, some first software for launch. Price and final specs.


Makes sense to announce after the last of us, am looking forward to next gen but all these rumour articles are going to get very annoying over the next few months