Zelda: Wind Waker Old vs HD Screenshot Comparison

Check out a screenshot comparison between Zelda: Wind Waker for GameCube and the HD remake for Wii U.

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2835d ago
Perjoss2835d ago

This looks like the best HD remake I've ever seen, in terms of improving over the original in terms of graphics.

360ICE2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Isn't it also the first one to take a game from two generations ago? If you think of Wii U as next gen?

Picnic2835d ago

What about the HD version of the Saturn's Nights in to Dreams that I am reliably informed by the internet was released on the Playstation network and Xbox Live not long after late last year?

360ICE2835d ago

Well, that's from the Saturn.
Three generations :P

But yeah, in that sense it might challenge Zelda.

N4GDgAPc2835d ago

Yeah I got to agree. I'm hoping FF10 gets the same treatment. If thats the case I can see why its taking longer than expected.

Kran2835d ago

Not that I'm a MS fanboy or anything... but Halo?

Perjoss2835d ago

Good call, Anniversary was a great remake, I had totally forgotten about that, 343 really went to town with new models and new textures.

linkenski2835d ago

The characters look stuffed in the remake :/
I thought they could've captured the artstyle a bit better.

FlyingFoxy2835d ago

the characters seem to stand out over the backgrounds.. the moss/grass looks kinda flat.

looks cool though, it looks similar to Nintendoland

A7XEric2835d ago

In regards to the grass/moss, from what it looks like they aren't changing the games geometry. Just looks like a reskin with some lighting enhancements.

--Onilink--2835d ago

they kinda do, though i dont mind the new "rounded" style. Also we need to wait and see it in motion to get a better grasp of it. This is the type of graphical style that really shows its beauty in motion

HarryMasonHerpderp2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

The Gamecube is my favourite Nintendo console, brought us some amazing looking games and Wind Waker is one of the best. I'm really hoping the WiiU goes back to the GameCube days where they catered to the hardcore gamers.
Now release the Resident Evil remake in HD!

browngamer412835d ago

It's too bad people didn't think like you at the time. I loved my platinum Cube but most of my friends had moved on to Xbox while taking to calling my system a childs toy...bastards!lol

EddieNX 2835d ago

It just looks Beautiful. Imo Windwaker for the cube is one of the best looking games ever made with its completely timeless style. And this just looks a lot lot nicer. I for one really like the look of those new character models and think they will look awesome when they are animated.

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