First Impressions of the Dead Space 3 Demo

The Dead Space 3 demo came and went, and Jason from Leviathyn is left wondering whether this game will be able to live up to the quality of its predecessors.

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2835d ago
seanpitt232834d ago

Never played the dead space games.

Dms20122834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Then what is your point? That you want to play them or they don't appeal to you? And if they don't appeal to you, then why even comment?

seanpitt232834d ago

Are they good? I have been wanting to play them just not had time and there has been so many other games.

Blasphemy2834d ago

I played the first one it was fun a little but you are not missing anything.

Conzul2833d ago

They're worth playing IMO. The first gets horror just right and is quite memorable.

The second is more action-ey and less horror-ey, but still very fun somehow.

According to the Devs, Dead Space 3 is the end of Isaac's story, and it's nearly 2wice as long as either of the first two games. It also looks very good in comparison to the 2nd.

Day 1 for me.